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First impression dosn't necessarily mean last - 89%

DraggarSkullCrusher, July 18th, 2007

I have to say in my most deep and honest opinion, Vader is preferably my all time favorite death metal band. However this album has many changes and some intrigue sounds that aren't of a true death metal sound or Vader's previous works. This will be why the album lacks some points. For example the nu-metal whammy bar sound on one song, for example the track "God Is Dead", this act starts at about 1:52. Never have I heard a death metal band, use, or portray this techno type sound comparable to weak bands like Static-X's shitty guitar playing.

Other than this minor error, "Impressions In Blood" is another amazing addition to Vader's lengthy and legendary discography. This album is similar to that of year 2000 release, "Litany" in a way, because of the relentless brutality of the panzer tank Heavy-hitting (blast beats in particular), from the new and flawless enthroned drummer, "Daray". In addition never have I heard Peter subjugate vocals this much on an album. He is clear, understandable, and is second to none. Unlike most repetitive death metal vocalist that are very omnipresent Peter stands out in the whole death metal crowd.

The solos and tremolo picking are faster than ever, very clear, and easy to identify, because of the good balance of the drums and vocals when the album, was mixed and produced. Mainly what has improved is the production for a better easier listening experience. And, last but not least is the orchestral symphony. It has been portrayed with a mysterious scary feeling, that will have Christians horrified with fecal matter and blood squirting from their anus, knowing that their beloved "God Is Dead". Overall, what can I say? This album is still above average in "The Book", and in mine.