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Vader - covering all yer classics ! - 92%

Defiler, September 8th, 2004

When it comes to covers, and if to be specific - cover-albums - Vader does it best. Maybe it's that Spagetti accident of Guns N Roses that awaken every single metal band to stream toward a cover album - from the top notch of Metallica to the buttom point of Angelcorpse.
Vader stands somewhere in the middle with their popularity - but they stands out with a highly remakes with the originals, with both excellent trademarks of making a metal cover - keeping the original thrill and also making it abit updated.

Starting with the barrage of Sodom "Outbreak of evil" - might be the first death metal song in the world - Vader swifting their musical skills and accuracy with no problem dealing with the old-school extreme-metal oriented sloppiness. They make it tighter than ever.
"Flag of hate" is even a better example - while the song itself is faster than the Sodom track, Kreator always done it better - song-writing wise.
So does Vader covering their track with sufficent nastiness to make it one of the stand-out tracks here.

For all the dudes who love old school thrash and death metal - Vader understands your needs and delivrer some harsh tracks with Possessed's "Death metal", Dark Angel "Merciless death" and ultimatly, Slayer's "Silent scream". They are also a bit of grindcore out-takes from the days grindcore was right in it's cradle. Napalm Death and Terrorizer respect here ofcourse.

The last three tracks focusing on Vader trying to manipulate other rock-genre songs into their own outfit - and they score a success with all of the 3.

the first is "We are the league" of the Anti-Nowhere-League - a hardcore band familiar to most metal-listenners from the Metallica badass cover "So what?". Vader try to speed things up a bit - making it kinda crossover track with thrilling velocity and harsh vocals.

Depeche Mode's "I.F.Y." is one of the strangest track here, and in Vader career ever. Taking a bit goth-rock direction Vader are utilizing the best of the genre, taking the dark atmosphere to almost gothic black metal parts - but with no onr shout or scream - keeping the song still very calm. ofcourse any Depeche Mode fan who will hear will be terrified to death by the double-bass kicking of Dock's royal feet or the sweeping guitarwork hanging from the Slayer-influenced style of wamming to the licks granted by heavy metal bands, maybe even rock-n-roll bands.
The song itself is super.

Finally we got "Black Sabbath" - the first metal song ever created - Vader take all of their evil attitude - all of their long-time expirience with occult and Satanism - and give this song a new meaning - even more scarrier than the original. Thought it's lack of the Vader famose speed - it has the most shiverring atmosphere and defenitly the peak of this album. Listen to ending parts when the guitar riffs are coming back all together. This is metal, my friends - they way it should sound in the late 90's !

highlights : Black Sabbath, I.F.Y., Silent scream, Flag of hate, Merciless death