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Vader keep it cool - 83%

Defiler, January 5th, 2005

Vader puts up another bloodthirsty effort in their hands. At first site - this is just another filler till "The beast" arrives, but after a few more listens - we can identify a new terms of Vader's unique death metal voice other Europe and the world.
Started as a regular death metal band, Vader keeps evolving their unique and scarry perception to metal music. They don't care how evil it suppose to sound - they stay with their own style. Surely can be easily compared to Altar Of Madness of Reign In Blood - but there is alot of difference of musical approach to this matirial.
After the majestic Revelations - Vader keeps touching the borders of death metal and other genres (As Thrash metal, Heavy metal, Black metal and even Gothic doom metal).
Shape Shifting is not a standart opennening track for Vader. It has much early Morbid Angel in it - but the C-part is whole made of heavy metal riffs suitable for band like Manowar or Saxon only evloved into a nastier evil percpective. It's utterly blast it's way like any Vader one of the most harsher songs - but the real gems here are We Wait - which is a slower mid-paced song - with some of the most scarry riffs on earth, crawling all around you.
Traveller is also a great song, with more of a thrash riffs as mid-aged Sepultura, and ofcourse some blast-beats in the death metal tradition.

When Darkness calls - a song taken from Revelation consists some black metal passages and a very charismatic vocal duty from Peter.
Vader's guitar-work improved greatly - already on their last album - but it's consist in this EP also.

A strong and an important part of Vader's evolution... Or shoul I say evilution ?