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New ground for the band, but is it good? - 75%

Thrash_Till_Death, January 30th, 2003

Like stated in the previous review, this cd is somewhat new ground for Vader. For the most part, its a move that works, as they band changes jsut a few things up.

The cd opens with one of the "different" songs, this being Heading for Internal Darkness. It starts like any Vader song might, but soon enough moves into some sort of groove riffs and things are slowed down a bit. The vocals are pretty much the same, maybe just not as gruff as before. The drumming is intense as always though, but it too is holding a bit back. The next two tracks are short songs and are pretty much Vader songs all the way, though maybe slowed down a tad. Song 5, True Names is another song to feature the "groove riffs", but its still a good tune.

The songs that follow are quite similar and most are short, being under 3 minutes, except for the title track, which comes in at just over 4 minutes. Yes, the music is somewhat slowed down on this cd and it just seems half inspired to me. Its not a bad cd though, but compared to other vader releases, i'd take them any day over this one. If you have never heard vader before, start with this cd, so you can get the idea of the vocals and what the band is about. THEN put on De Profundis or Litany. As far as production goes, nothing wrong with it on this cd.

best songs imo: Heading for Internal Darkness, True Names, Black to the Blind.