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Nice cover of an old classic. - 85%

Deceased, September 14th, 2003

This single consists of two tracks, the first one being "When darkness calls" which can also be found on certain versions of the "Revelations" album, and on the "Blood" MCD. This is a good song, nothing special. It's just.. Vaderish. It has a cool solo which starts around 2:55 and ends about 30 seconds later, followed by a really nice, heavier part. Then another solo at 4:30, lots of vib-arm, Vader-standard.

Then, the song this single is all about (literally) - Angel of Death! The intro is nice and long, around a minute or so. Then, when the first verse starts at around 1:40, your head should be banging at once. The doublebassing fits in so well, I'd have thought this was a Vader-song if I hadn't heard the original. Bridge, second verse, chorus. The verse riff is played without any vocals on top of it, and it makes a nice interlude for the awesome solo! (3:26) The solo sounds A LOT better than on Thin Lizzy's version, a lot more melodic. Then a breakdown into a slow part with spoken words, followed by a nice interlude with great use of keyboards (4:40). Then the chorus again, and an outro that's really long and somehow pointless, in my opinion. But still, great cover!

Buy this one if you're a Vader or Thin Lizzy-fan, I don't think you'll be disappointed either way.

Down down - deep underground - down into hell!