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Polish death metal at its best! - 83%

Asamaniac, October 15th, 2008

It has only been a year since I reviewed VADER's latest masterpiece "Impressions In Blood". The musically renovated Polish label Metal Mind Productions, which by the way started as a label full of crappy releases, has started releasing tons of DVD's with great live performances and bonus goodies from well-known bands such as SOLITUDE AETERNUS, ONSLAUGHT, BLAZE BAYLEY, DARZAMAT and many more. When I saw the brand new VADER DVD arriving at Metal Temple I couldn't stand but grabbing it and reviewing it.

"And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw" contains - along with some bonus goodies - a live performance the band played at Stodola Club in Warsaw, Poland, on February 12th 2007. Just for your information, it was the last show the band gave for its tour promoting the "Impressions In Blood" album. As you can easily understand, many of the songs are taken from the band's latest full-length effort (which by the way, I reviewed last year and I can say that it kicks major ass!). The band seems to be possessed by endless energy on stage, opposite to the crowd, which doesn't seem so excited. The fans are surely enjoying the live show, but you won't see any moshpits or crowd surfing here.

As expected, the band delivers many of its well-known ass-kicking Death Metal tunes like "Sothis", "Dark Age", "Lead Us", "Cold Demons" and the "hit" from their latest album "Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead)", whose video clip is also featured in this DVD. VADER's performance is long enough (20 songs including the two intros) and I suppose it pleases every single fan! The DVD is armed with really good sound quality, although the video quality could be a bit better since while watching "And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw" I came across many pixels...

The band proves (for one more time) that it is one of the best Death Metal bands this scene has with a great and energetic show full of brutality and shredding guitar work, accompanied by Daray's incredible drumming of course! The DVD also contains some bonus goodies like two video clips. The one is - as I mentioned above - "Helleluyah (God Is Dead)", and the other one is a new song, which was composed by the band for the new computer game "Wiedzmin" ("The Witcher"). The video clip is an awesome combination of scenes from the game and filmings from a scenery that features a dark castle decorated with torches and stuff. The song is melodic and will remind you a bit of the Swedish scene, since it features a lot of haunted keyboard melodies. Although I was a bit "scared" at first, I then realized that I have nothing to be afraid of since VADER never disappointed me by softening their sound.

The bonus madness doesn't end here! The DVD also features an interview with the band's vocalist/guitarist Peter, where he talks about Doc's death, the internet madness and many more. You will also find a photo gallery, the band's biography, some desktop themes, VADER's discography and weblinks. Could you ask for more from a new VADER DVD? I think not! So I believe that "And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw" is a must have for all of the fans of this Death Metal monster! All hail the Polish war masters!

The DVD has in store one more surprise for you. Guess who gets on stage to perform the show's last song with the band! It is Orion, BEHEMOTH's bass player (who is also a member of the great Polish Black Metal act VESANIA)!

Originally written for Metal-Temple.Com
Yiannis D.