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Although I don't understand a word of Spanish... - 90%

Skullhammer, January 12th, 2007

...this album still kicks ass. A lot of previous reviewers really praise the lyrical content about rebellion and fighting against oppressers. Apparently, no other band before dared to send these messages in Argentina. I guess I may be missing out on a crucial part of the music, but still the tunes themselves kick ass.

The song Destrucción was my introduction to this band and holy shit this may be the catchiest song ever made. Speed metal riffing at it's finest. Hell, even though I have no clue what they're saying, the vocals are really sing-along like and even I sing along sometimes while following along with the lyrics. Very catchy. Si Puedes Vencer Al Temor is a monster of a song. The first half of it is slow with killer soloing while the latter half is a thrashing monster with even more killer soloing. There is a subtle touch of keyboards which really adds a lot. Tiempos Metálicos is equally as catchy as Destrucción. It's an amazing speed metal monster with great leads. Brigadas Metálicas is another catchy fast track with great soloing.

Those 4 are probably the best tunes off this album, in my opinion. The rest of the album is really catchy and killer but not as great as those 4 tracks. The only song I don't like is Parcas Sangrientas. Besides that one bad song, the only other fault I can find with this album is the production but it's understandable when you know the timeframe this was made and where this band comes from. I highly recommend this album to all fans of speed metal or old school heavy metal. You may be missing out if you don't speak Spanish, but it's still a blazing fast, very catchy, and enjoyable listen...