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Although I don't understand a word of Spanish... - 90%

Skullhammer, January 12th, 2007

...this album still kicks ass. A lot of previous reviewers really praise the lyrical content about rebellion and fighting against oppressers. Apparently, no other band before dared to send these messages in Argentina. I guess I may be missing out on a crucial part of the music, but still the tunes themselves kick ass.

The song Destrucción was my introduction to this band and holy shit this may be the catchiest song ever made. Speed metal riffing at it's finest. Hell, even though I have no clue what they're saying, the vocals are really sing-along like and even I sing along sometimes while following along with the lyrics. Very catchy. Si Puedes Vencer Al Temor is a monster of a song. The first half of it is slow with killer soloing while the latter half is a thrashing monster with even more killer soloing. There is a subtle touch of keyboards which really adds a lot. Tiempos Metálicos is equally as catchy as Destrucción. It's an amazing speed metal monster with great leads. Brigadas Metálicas is another catchy fast track with great soloing.

Those 4 are probably the best tunes off this album, in my opinion. The rest of the album is really catchy and killer but not as great as those 4 tracks. The only song I don't like is Parcas Sangrientas. Besides that one bad song, the only other fault I can find with this album is the production but it's understandable when you know the timeframe this was made and where this band comes from. I highly recommend this album to all fans of speed metal or old school heavy metal. You may be missing out if you don't speak Spanish, but it's still a blazing fast, very catchy, and enjoyable listen...

Estalló el tiempo del metal - 100%

Condor_Lord, August 15th, 2005

It's truly hard to do a "Luchando por el Metal" (FIghting for metal) review without drooling all over the keyboard... words can't properly describe the magnitude of this masterpiece of South American metal.

V8's debut album is the definition of aggressive heavy metal, as it is the product of a true and deep artistic feeling towards such forms of music, cause this album was made by people truly living it: the signs of military and police repression of a brutal dictatorship, the disgust towards the pansy resignment of a weak youth, the pain of eventual personal unrealization under the forced third world fate to the working class, among not few other situations. And V8's music was just all that, transformed into the brutality of heavy metal, of actual living heavy metal -just try to check the video footage of the infamous B. A. Rock festival, where V8 stood for metal as few have ever done, and you'll see what I mean-.

This album starts out with what's supposed to be a V8 engine (it's actually a Torino, but who the fuck can tell the difference?) and then it jumps to an impressive fast piece under the name of "Destrucción" (Destruction); a song that can actually be the perfect outlet of all the previously described feelings of discomfort. It's opening vocal line ("Ya no creo en nadie, ya no creo en ti, ya no creo en nada porque nadie cree en mi" - I don't translate them to avoid killing its feeling), pounded by its main riff, are without a doubt the reasons it is a classic in Argentina. Under this vein you can find many other songs in the album, as the anti hippie anthems Tiempos metálicos (Metallic times) and Brigadas metálicas (Metallic brigades), which is the best song here by far; or Hiena de metal (Metal hyena) or Torturador (Torturer), all these tracks are great examples of solid fast heavy metal with a deep thrashy feeling.

Other songs on the album do pretty interesting efforts in developing -not copying- the band's influences, as the Sabbathesque "Si puedes vencer al temor" (If you can defeat fear), a doom metal song that rapidly turns into a brutal thrashy discharge; or the Motörhead-like "Parcas sangrientas" (Bloody reapers).

The level of all four members in this album is beyond awesome, no one fails to deliver. Just to underline the best moments, check out the basslines of "Parcas Sangrientas" and "Muy cansado estoy" (I'm very tired), the drumming in "Ángeles de las tinieblas" (Twilight Angels), the guitar riffs in "Si puedes vencer al temor" (notably the three breaks between the slow and the fast part) and in "Torturador" (incredible work here), the voice in Brigadas Metálicas and the solos in all the album (Civile was a solo genius).

The lyrics portray all the feelings I described at the beginning, even if the titles may suggest cheesy late Manowar-like lines. It's actually the total opposite: the lyrics in the album are a honest rebellious message against the hostile world where they were made, "Muy cansado estoy" being the greatest effort in this field. As a classic heavy metal album this is, classic metal themes such as the occult appear here in several tracks, notably in "Si puedes...". Now, "Torturador" has some pretty weird lyrics that apparently are directed to Civile's dentist... they are quite funny, but as weird as they get.

Truly a classic, get this and I guarantee you it won't leave your stereo for months.

Where it all began - 100%

Gabometal86, October 9th, 2004

V8 – Luchando Por El Metal.

This is the first heavy metal album released by a band from Argentina. In 1983 there were many Punk Rock acts like Los Violadores or even Hard Rock hitting bands in the vein of Motorhead and AC DC, for example: Riff. But this is the first properly accepted metal album. V8 was indeed the first band form Argentina and probably South America to call themselves Heavy Metal and dress with metal outfits (Leather, spikes and denim, etc).
As you can imagine the production was very low rated, which gave this album a filthy and dirty sound that defines Luchando Por El Metal and mostly all the 80´s Argentinean metal scene.

The opener is “Destrucción” which is the argentine metal hymn. It starts with a V8 motor intro and then a fast riff breaks in to kick your ass 20 years ago. It’s an aggressive and fast song with thunderous drum work which still today sounds like true heavy metal. Then comes “Parcas Sangrientas” which starts with Beto Zamarbide screaming “HEAVY METALLL!!!!!”. This tune is clearly influenced by Motorhead; check out the speed, the double bass drumming and the growling vocals. The third one is called “Si Puedes Vencer Al Temor” and it is very much alike a Black Sabbath song from the first three albums. It has a colossal sludgy riff that will slay your grandmother and when it speeds up FUCK YESS!!!! I wish new bands have a hint of this old monstrous album. It also includes one of the best solos ever heard on the 80´s Argentinean metal. This song reminds me very much “Into The Void” or “Electric Funeral”. The fourth tune is “Angeles De Las Tinieblas” which is very simple. It has a heavy and fast riff and a catchy chorus.

“Tiempos Metalicos” starts slowly with a killer riff and guess what? It kicks into an even better main riff. This song sounds like early thrash metal on top with the guitar tuned very loud and fitting vocals. The sixth song is “Muy Cansado Estoy” which is a mid tempo heavy song with a good solo in it and not much more to say. “Brigadas Metalicas” could be described as what some may call a speed metal song. It has a goddamn thrashy riff and lyrics against the hippies. Next is “Torturador” which shows a crushing riff, again a magnificent solo and lyrics written by Osvaldo Civile and dedicated to his dentist. The ninth and final track is “Hiena Del Metal” that counts with the collaboration of guitar hero Norberto “Pappo” Napolitano (Pappo´s Blues, Riff, etc). It is a very short and fast paced song with apocalyptical lyrics and another awesome solo.

In the essence of the music and how it sounds we can compare it to an early Thrash Metal album, such as Anthrax’s Fistful Of Metal or Slayer’s Show No Mercy. The guitar is the main instrument in the record. Throughout the album we can find groundbreaking fast riffs and some unbelievable solos, all of them courtesy of Osvaldo Civile except the last one on “Hiena De Metal” that was played by Pappo. Gustavo Rowek does a great job behind the drum kit. The drums are very raw, which I believe helps in showing a heavier sound and the double bass work is outstanding. Ricardo Iorio´s bass stands very good in all the songs and the voice of Zamarbide is nothing from other world, it´s a normal voice but very versatile to sing acute and even can turn into a roar or a grunt. Check out “Parcas Sangrientas” if you don’t believe me.

Conclusion: If you give an opportunity to this album and this band, you would find yourself listening to a South American band strongly influenced by Black Sabbath and Motorhead and that aesthetically adopts the Judas Priest style: long hair, leather jackets and denim pants.

The beginning - 100%

23_58_, October 9th, 2004

It's almost impossible to review this album objectively. This is the most important argentine heavy metal record ever, and I would dare to say, one of the most influential ones in South America, if not the most influential. Anyone who has witnessed a heavy metal concert in Argentina can testify this, as people just go insane whenever a band does a V8 song. Besides, this was the first heavy metal album in my country. There was some heavy music in the 70's and early 80's, of course, but no one had written lyrics about metal, or called themselves a "heavy metal band" before.

There isn't much to say about the music. The style resembles a lot to Motörhead, with some Sabbath influences thrown in, and this is not strange, as the members of the band were (and still are) fans of those two bands. First track, "Destrucción", is the argentine heavy metal hymn, played in almost every concert, by any local band. It's a very short song, which starts with a motor sound, turning into a simple and fast riff. The aggressive lyrics were totally new here, as well as the thunderous drumming. "Parcas sangrientas" comes next, and it's not as fast as Destrucción, but it's great anyway. Beto Zamarbide's HEAVY METAL scream at the beginning is already classic, and drummer Gustavo Rowek does an impressive job with the double bass. "Si puedes vencer al temor" starts in a more mid-paced way, with a doomy Sabbath-insipired riff, but then turning into another speedy tune, with great soloing by Osvaldo Civile. "Ángeles de las tinieblas" picks up the pace again, with another simple riff, and you can cleary hear Iorio's bass rumbling in the chorus. "Tiempos metálicos" has a slow intro, but also turns into an awesome heavy metal anthem, with a great chorus, and fabulous guitar licks behind it. "Muy cansado estoy" features another intro, before turning into a powerful mid-tempo tune, which contains one of my favourite solos in the whole album. "Brigadas metálicas" speeds up again, offering some anti-hippie lyrics, which fit just fine in the context of the album. "Torturador" has the funniest lyrics in the whole record, which were apparently written by Civile, and dedicated to his dentist. Lastly, "Hiena de metal" is the shortest song here, with a solo by guest guitarist Pappo, an argentinian legend, who did some Sabbath-influenced music back in the 70's, and helped V8 to get a record deal and live gigs.

This album is essential for any argentinian or spanish speaking metalhead, and apart from its not very good production and short duration, it still remains as a south american heavy metal classic, more than 20 years after its release.