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One of the most underrated bands in Metal today - 93%

glhxckid, November 20th, 2005

Melodic Death Metal has got to be one of my favorite genres of all time. It just holds so many of my favorite qualities in music; it’s fast and of course, very heavy, it’s melodic, and it definitely takes quite a bit of talent to succeed in this genre, and overall there is a vast number of bands, way too many to mention, that impress me from it. I could name dozens right of the bat, but then my attention would go elsewhere and I would forget to introduce to you my new favorite band of the aforementioned genre called Vornagar. This band is easily one of the fastest I’ve heard, musically, in melodic Death Metal, and overall one of the more powerful ones at that. Now they’ve just released their debut album, “The Bleeding Holocaust”, which is comprised of 9 songs and clocks in at around 30 minutes.

Well, with a genre that holds so many great bands, there are also going to be a lot of crappy bands that follow its path as well. It seems that even Melodic Death Metal has been a little overplayed these days, but not to the point where you’ll have to stop listening to it for a while and find something else, like I have with a lot of Metalcore or Hardcore lately. This newer band is not at all like that. I was first introduced to this band with a recorded video of the drummer and that’s what drew me towards this CD. The music on “The Bleeding Holocaust” is outstanding and very complex, there are so many aspects that I can’t even tell you about because of how varied this CD is.

The level of difficulty displayed in Marco Pitruzzella’s drumming in thoroughly impressing and amazing; I could go as far as saying that his skills are unbelievable and in some aspects, unmatched. He incorporates a type of beat extensively throughout this CD called a ‘gravity blast’. Now I’m not sure how much skill is actually involved in this type of beat, but I gotta figure, doing a one-handed role while perfectly hitting the cymbals at the same time has got to be slightly hard, and punishing on the wrists! I’ve also only heard a very limited number of bands that play it well (Origin, Implosive Disgorgence, Tower of Rome, Amoebic Dysentary, among of few others), leading me to think, “Gosh, this has got to be an extremely difficult beat”. Marco also gives a full-on technical drumming massacre here as well; very brutal but super tight and precise.

Well enough about the drumming and on to the other musical features…

The guitars are the one thing about this album I can’t quite enjoy all the way through; please don’t get me wrong, the riffs are quite solid and technical, and melodic, but how the guitars are recorded is simply disappointing; they’re very downtuned compared to the rest of the album, plus a little muddled; they could’ve very easily been a little more polished then they are. Everything seems very well produced and highly recorded, except for the low guitars, which seems to be the only real downside here. There are some cool guitar solos, though, which fit in well; I thought if they added a few more of them into the 9 tracks, the downtuned riffs wouldn’t have made much of a difference, but sadly that’s not the case.

The wide-ranging screaming/growling vocal stylings makes for a good listen, although they’re definitely not great; they need to work on getting the vocals stronger in the future, because the drums are on top of everything here, and a lot of times, they’re at parts when you want to actually hear the vocalist, but all you get is a pummeling double kick drum. The harsher screamed-type vocals are what keep up my attention; the screamer can go decently high and definitely comes off better then the lower growling, which isn’t nearly as difficult as the harsh screams are. The overall musicianship and precision is outstanding though, and there really isn’t much to complain about. The lyrics are very good as well, the production is fairly good (mainly with the percussion), and I think this band has a good amount of creativity up their sleeves, maybe even enough to unleash another powerful full-length soon.

In summery of this CD; Vornagar’s “The Bleeding Holocaust” makes for a very brutal, fast, and even slightly catchy listen and I definitely recommend it for anyone into Melodic Death Metal or even straight-up Death Metal for that matter. I’m very sure you’ll enjoy this one; It should grow on me as one of my more appreciated independent releases that I have.