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awesome album - 92%

fastfingers530, April 14th, 2006

Vörnagar have been one of the biggest bands in my area's scene for a couple years, and with their first, independently produced full-length, The Bleeding Holocaust, it is easy to see why. Marco Pitruzzella (aka Lord Marco)'s drumming is one of the fastest I have ever heard; he's right up there with Tony Laureano and Derek Roddy. As well, Jay Rodriguez and Greg Larrenaga do an amazing job; their riffs are a solid blend of catchy melodies and technical flurries. And, when the guitars and drums slow their speedy assault, Matt Rosenberg adds tasteful, evocative lines (see "The Charge of the Dark God"). As far as the vocals go, Carl Pitlick's screams are awesome, but indistinguishable from the legions of melodic death vocalists. Larrenaga sometimes contrasts Pitlick's screams with a low growl, and while the dynamic created between the two is interesting, it has been done before. Also, amid all the great aspects of this album, there is one real flaw: the production. The drums are far too high in the mix, the guitar solos are a bit buried some of the time, and the bass can only be heard on softer, slower passages; but then again, Marco is the most high-profile member (see his recent tours with Vile and Vital Remains, as well as his 4th place [hands] and 2nd place [feet] finishes at the World's Fastest Drummer competition), and bass isn't really necessary in most melodic death, anyway. But regardless of this and any other flaws, the riffs are memorable, the (sparse) breakdowns juicy, the solos fluid, the melodies catchy, and the playing well above par. My personal favorites are "The Charge of the Dark God," "The Sin of Rememberence" and "Defling the Sepulcher of Christ".