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Modern Metal Classic after 2010 - 96%

Alterno, April 25th, 2006

V:28 is a true example on how modern metal could meet old school of metal with an original neat way and new subjects to talk about.
They play some kind of melodic black/death metal with less melodies and more of an atmosphere with a touch of industrial influences.
On SoulSavior discussing topics like destructing life and rebuilding it, the music fits the destructive lyrics with some thrashy riffs and tremelo picked guitars that are low tuned, heavy bass following each track, very well done programmed drums combining metal drum kits and sometimes ambient one, gloomy atmospheric keyboards that aren't overused and just fits well and may be they are the secret why V:28 sounds unique. If you think that this is just what V:28 is about then you're wrong, As the vocaling is great too, a unique form of growled screams.

Now imagine old Dissection guitars meets few of Samael's keyboard use in a very melancholic apocalyptic atmosphere and some electro inspiration from Protector's Ice Ages, then you got a part of how V:28 music sounds like.
The production can't be more perfect than this, thanks to LRZ from Red Harvest who produced and mixed the album as well as their first album which was just the beginning of a new leading band presenting new music to the modern scene.
I believe SoulSavior should be a classic of nowadays metal in the next 10 years even if they didnt gain much popularity but they deserve it putting Norway in the leadership of extreme metal in the 21st century as they were in the 20th century.

Highlights: Unleash the Energy, A Prophecy written in Uranium, Infected by life, deConstructor.

One of my favorite 2005 albums, Recommended to all extreme & atmospheric metal fans and those who are looking for something new and unique in nowadays shit.