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Usurper > Diabolosis... > Reviews > shadowfiend99
Usurper - Diabolosis...

Celtic Frostish...but that's a good thing!! - 87%

shadowfiend99, October 18th, 2004

If you're into either Celtic Frost or Runemagick then I'm absolutely certian that you'll appreciate this album! General Diabolical Slaughter sounds like a later day Tomas G. Warrior (Maybe just a little bit Hoarser). If I could classify this album in a genre, I would say doom/death with some black metal overtones, and no gothic crap or sad violins wailing in the background. This album has some serious balls! The only reason why I won't give it a higher rating than 87 is because I've heard all their other releases and the best is yet to come! Those of you wished that celtic frost didn't go all avante garde and glamy need to hear this album!