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Usurper - Diabolosis...

Their best album. - 100%

Sargon_The_Terrible, March 2nd, 2008

The late and lamented Usurper were always awesome, but this, their gnarly, thrashing debut, was their best album ever. Long before it was cool, Usurper bred Thrash with Black Metal to produce a twisted, mutant hybrid that killed everything it could get its hands on. This disc doesn't get the kind of press as similar birth-defect-inducing albums like Reign In Blood or Altars Of Madness, but boy, it should.

Featuring the classic Usurper lineup and the classic sound, Diabolosis is a car-wrecking, occult, underground torture chamber of chugging metal-shredding riffs and the inimitable bellows and shrieks of the almighty General Diabolical Slaughter, who was busy channeling Hellhammer while Tom Warrior was turning into a hair-feathering poofter. What elevates this above the screaming masses of other dirty Black/Thrash hybrids is the superior songwriting and the brooding atmosphere of occultic doom and evil that suffuses the whole album. From the opening blast of "Hypnotic Void" through the epic crushing of "Blood Passion" and on through all nine songs of alchemical metal slayage, Usurper never play a song that does not slaughter everything within reach.

For underground, old-school music for murdering orphans this has no peer, and the perfect blend of Black evil, Thrashing crunch and Doomy riffs has never really been duplicated even by the band themselves. Usurper recorded a lot of cool shit, but nothing else as flat out primal and inimical as this. You must have it.

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