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Tasty - 80%

pluviam91, November 12th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Werewolf Promotion

Sometimes the cover art grips the mysticism that dwells inside you, and this was what happened to me when I found this album, and honestly it was a horrific day when I heard this masterpiece by Useless. The sensuality and the sentimentality that come with the winter was really crafted in this album. That was for me as a spatial and temporal shift in a hot summer that had dominated the place where I lived in. Departure by the Polish band Useless is an album of a 39:01 min divided into two tracks.

Musically this two tracks full-length album has got a great musical plot, it is based on a repetitive way of playing and this is what black metal used to be or supposed to sound like, you know sometimes overdoing or changing is not that good idea, so there is the moment you must show how skilled and pretty good you are in playing or composing the black metal with few minutes that must be filled with tasty repetitive melodies ,riffs ,bass lines and drumming patterns that are empty of tediousness and time wasting.

All instruments are playing stylish. Raw, chilly and high-tone distorted guitar is applied on depressive, darkened melodies and lines. The vocal is shrieking soulless. Lyrics tend to tell about nihilism and agony, Drums is sounding frosty nothing special about it but suitable along with the rest of the instruments.

Furthermore the album is pretty cool, enjoyable and recommended for a black metal fan.