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Urkraft is Danish for "Clone" - 20%

demonomania, August 28th, 2006

Say what you want about At the Gates' "Slaughter of the Soul," but there are few albums that you can easily point to and stay..."this started a genre, and everyone else just copied it." Everyone else most certainly includes Urkraft.

I mention "Slaughter of the Soul" because it is the template for every Urkraft song. In fact, forget the whole album, almost every song off "The Inhuman Abberation" seems to borrow directly from "Blinded by Fear!" There weren't even that many riffs in "Blinded by Fear," so that's not saying much for the variety displayed by our good buddies at Urkraft.

Yeah, there are some keyboards that magically don't sound cheesy, but this style is worn thinner than Steve Buscemi after sex with Oprah. Sorry about the mental image. The vocals have a bit of extra heft here and there too, deviating from the typical raspy screech perfected by ATG, but that ain't enough to save this disc from frisbeeville. The whole band is proficient, in fact, but manage to sound EVER MORE GENERIC thanks to their ubiquitous "in demand" producter who shall remain nameless, and whose biggest accomplishment so far seems to be Aborted. The drums in particular sound very Tue-y.

Seriously, cut off all off Urkraft's limbs, lay them in front of your door, and call them Matt. Nothing exciting here.