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Eerie black metal - 98%

WickedSaint, September 3rd, 2006

This stuff is incredible. I've been a fan of Urfaust for a very long time now, and they never cease to amaze me. There's always some new little detail to discover through the poor recording-quality. Because the quality of the recording is very low, but everything is still audiable and it serves to create a great atmosphere and enhance the already eerie and haunting feeling created by the droning riffs and drums and Willem's incredible vocals, ranging from tortured screams and howls to the sludgy, almost drunken clean singing and what sounds like the secluded and mournful rambelings of a man tortured by insanity and lonlines.

This album is majestically started with the epic classical piece Dunkel, Still von Ewigkeit (Dark, silent eternity), clocking in at over 13 minutes, which builds up a great atmosphere, starting of softly and over the last two minutes building up to a booming climax then setting of Ragnarök Mystiker. This song is quite representative with it's triplet/shuffle-feel on the instruments, the very characteristic singing of Willem and the droning guitar and simple drums. This is continued by Gespinnst der Verderbens (Web of Destruction) following in the same vein as Ragnarök Mystiker, sending the listener into a trance of repetition and great atmosphere to the point where the music isn't even there anymore, it's not music, it's just something that is there, that surrounds you with it's tortured chants and mauling distortion on the guitar. This is then followed by Trauerhöhle (Cave of Sorrow), an ambient track at over 10 minutes of length, in the same vein as Dunkel, Still von Ewigkeit, but more droning at first but with the same type of climax. Verflucht das Bleden der Erscheinung (Cursed the blinding of appearance ) follows closely behind with a very sinister intro and some extremely tortured screams. The mood is set by the intro and it follows through the entire song, it puts you back in the trance. Der Gottesverächter (The Despiser of God) is probably one of my favourite songs on this album, it's more melodic than the song proceeding it and the vocals are mostly clean and very melodic. Closing the album is In den Weiten Öden Raumen (In the wide, deserted rooms), another ambient track and the shortest one of those on the album, a very mellow song for the most part, serving as a great closer and gets you out of your trance.

All in all, a bloody great album by one of my favourite metal bands, well worth buying, although I guess you either love it or hate it, since it can be quite weird at times. A definite gem and must have in black metal.