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Urfaust - Teufelsgeist

Another Solid Release; More Depressive Than Recent Releases - 85%

MrMetalpants, December 31st, 2020
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

The song writing is exquisite. I do not throw that term around lightly. The combination of both the depressive yet fulfilling space occupation blows my mind. It's less like the recent Empty Space Meditation/i and The Constellatory Practice with it's less cosmic/hyper sound trading for more emotional tones. This, in part, to the increase of ambient sound usage.

The production is something that I wash was done better. There is a slight crackle in certain parts, specifically in the vocal section and most noticeable on "Bloedsacrament Voor de Geenstenzeiners" (there's a bit of a crackle on the synth and guitars on "Het Godverlaten Leprosarium"). It's not album ruining, but it becomes noticeable here and there. For me this a bit detrimental, though due to my love of the unique vocal styling I love so much from the band. Which, on this release is my biggest complaint. I still like the vocals but they're not as bombastic as some of the more memorable moments on previous releases. There is more of the monk-ish low throat singing resembling an archaic choir than in previous releases. Most noticeable on "Het Godverlaten Leprosarium".

As mentioned, I am in love with the ambience and space this music occupies. The sound can be so large and in your face yet somehow restrained and calm. There's even two tracks that are just ambient instrumentals. It takes away from what could be two possible full-band songs, but is still enjoyable. By far their most ambient release, which will please some and annoy others. I'm on the fence on this reliance on ambience, which is why it ends up on the middle of my favorite releases form what band.

The guitars get lost a little bit in the mix. Be it the prevalent synthsesizer, sub-par production, or simply playing sustained chords. There's not a whole lot to write home about in the guitar section. The bass is highly audible on "Die Filosofie Van Een Gedesillusioneerde" which I enjoy. The track is not necessarily any more sparse than other tracks, which usually helps the bass come through. It just sounds louder in the mix. I just wish it did more with the short limelight it had.

The drums are a little monotonous at times but I generally listened to them passively. It might drive one mad to try to do a listen through focusing on the drums. Specifically, the most repetitive aspect is the double-handed floor tom slams that serve as fills. A few of them here-and-there are great but that was at least one sections fill on each track. On "Van Alcoholische Verbittering Naar Religieuze Cult" there is a oil drum-like ring to the snare that's reminiscent of the infamous snare of Metallica's St. Anger that I could really do without. Other than those two aspects, the drums did their job and sounded so incredibly human.

I'd put this release somewhere just behind Der Freiwillige Better and Empty Space Meditation (my favorite and second favorite Urfaust releases. Which would put it in front of The Constellatory Practice and Ritual Music for the True Clochard. This release might not reach such heights as "Ein Leeres Zauberspiel" or "Vom Gesicht und R├Ątsel" but is still a decent third place.. Side note, when are we going to get a remaster of the Geist ist Teufel ep? I'd love to hear "Drudenfus" with a decent recording and mastering.

Favorite tracks:
-Offeraschaal der Astrologische Mengvormen
-Der Filosofie Van Een Gedesillusioneerde

Technical skill: 67% Production: 58% Song writing: 89% Originality: 88%