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Empty Space Meditation - 50%

Lars_Stian, March 14th, 2017

''Empty Space Meditation'' is not anything special. At first, after skipping the pointless and long intro, the album actually seemed pretty good. The main riff was quite strong, very atmospheric and interesting, however I quickly came to realize that the album just gets worse and worse.

About halfway through the second track, the first real song, the clean vocals appear, and you instantly like the album less. It's not that they're bad, they are good vocals, it's rather the fact that they don't fit in with the musical theme and atmosphere, and comes across as incredibly forced and out of place. They're somewhat hard to explain, they almost sound like old blues vocals maybe? Some weird, spastic punk vocals? I genuinely have no idea how to categorize them, they're just so bloody strange. One thing I do know, however, they did not fit in at all, and totally ruins the atmosphere.

The rest of the songs aren't very interesting. It's clear that an attempt to create a sort of cosmic, hypnotising atmosphere or something, but it just doesn't work, the riffs are quite dull, they all blend together into boring, forgetful mediocrity. It sounds like a mix of ''Fallen from Firmament'' and the ''Darkspace'' albums, however without any of the creative elements. When I try to think back at what I heard, it's quite hard, there's just nothing that stands out or even makes a slight impression on you.

There are a few good things to say about the album, however. The production is ok, as in I can hear what's going on, the drumming is good, it fits with the atmosphere and feels natural. I must say that it does seem like they put a solid effort into this album, which is why I'm not giving it an even lower score. They do seem passionate about their album, and I do appreciate the fact that they tried to do something with the vocals, even though they were somewhat of a failure.

If this review seems a bit scarce, it's simply because there's nothing more to say. Apart from the weird vocals, there was absolutely nothing that stood out to me. At the first listen, the music was bearable. But on further listening, I just get really bored, and end up listening to something else.