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Urfaust create dramatic and weird dark music on EP - 65%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, August 18th, 2008

These three unnamed tracks can be strange even for black metal generally, let alone for Urfaust. I haven't heard much of Urfaust's music but I understand this EP is a departure from what the band normally does. At least with this recording the musicians have signalled their potential for creating dramatic, even theatrical, weird and unearthly dark music and while this EP is available only in limited quantities, this is something I think Urfaust could take further. The strangeness gets under way straight away with weird droning noises and agonised screaming held together with slow minimal funereal percussion, all creating the impression of a delirious inner hellscape. The screaming switches to slightly drunken singing and back but apart from the vocals the track doesn't vary much. Not that it needs to: the voices provide most of the direction and all the music needs to do is to maintain the tension and dreadful atmosphere enough to push the listener close to derangement.

Track 2 has slightly more melody with a shrill nerve-rattling drone, a sluggish yet steady pace that sometimes goes askew and almost runs down, and mad vocals that frankly are cartoonish. Again, not a lot of variation apart from a couple of brief passages in the middle and towards the end: the middle passage sees the music slow right down and almost come apart but for a horrible buzz hovering briefly like a horde of giant mechanical bees.

Track 3 is the most unconventional and loosely structured piece starting with scraps of muffled spoken voice and laughing, and echoing noises before a hornet drone begins buzzing and a deep voice takes up a sleepy chant. Half-crazed singing almost ruins this track as it gets quite histrionic.

All tracks are repetitive, true, and maybe if Urfaust had varied the music more to give it direction and something to keep listeners interested without losing that deranged hell-like ambience the whole thing could have been much better. Some of the vocals can be cringeworthy especially on the third track where they almost derail the music. Anyway an interesting new direction beckons for Urfaust if they choose to continue in this vein: a droning industrial BM with touches (and please, only touches!) of weird dark theatre suggesting a descent into an insane kind of Hell.

Urfaust - Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos - 75%

SuperVeji4, July 12th, 2008

I first heard about this band from the song 'Der Halbtoten Dichters Schein-Existenz' on the split-album called 'Auerauege Raa Verduistering'. I was intrigued by the unique sound that they made: black metal that mixed the ordinary raw productions with clean vocals (with a little bit of wailing and screeches thrown here and there). This technique may have been used several times by other bands, but none of them do it like Urfaust. I received their other albums and I simply loved them from then on. Let’s make one thing clear though, I hated the orchestrated tracks because they were simply unnecessary. Unfortunately, these tracks make up about half of their albums. All I wanted was their black metal songs, and those tracks alone were able to make Urfaust one of my favorite black metal bands.

Then came the 'Urfaust/The Ruins of Beverast' split-album, and I began to worry. It seemed Urfaust was becoming more noise oriented, relying heavily on ambience. As for this EP, it seems to be the case.

So, is this mini-album good or not? Well, yes and no. It defiantly surpassed my expectations, I actually enjoyed it. But let the truth be known: I wanted their original sound, and I was hoping for their original sound.

'Track One' opens with a simple drum beat, then a wall of noise consisting of guitar and ambient blast out of nowhere. Then the insane vocals come in, pure insanity is what reeks from this track. Though there were some parts that had a somewhat relaxing feel to it, this song had an overall unsettling atmosphere; a very good track indeed.

'Track Two' is the preview that everyone has been hearing and I find it to be an annoying song. It could be good but only when you’re in a specific mood, a mood that only comes every once in a while. The opening is great however, with the lead singer doing a low growl, which builds up into a disgusting snarl. Then that sound...that godforsaken guitar-screeching sound...and those screams...Fuck shut up! Nothing but pure annoyance, but perhaps that was the point. Listen to the track called 'Verflucht das Blenden der Erscheinung' from their second album 'Verräterischer, Nichtswürdiger Geist', and that’s a good preview on how this track sounded. I don't know what to say about this track. I would write a different opinion every time, depending on what mood I'm in. I'll let you decide on whether or not this track is enjoyable.

'Track Three', the final track to this journey of sheer agony (in a good way, of course). It begins with disturbing laughter, then once again the guitar and ambient kick in. The drums follow after, simple and merely an after-thought. The singer then comes in with the cleanest vocals found on this mini-album. Make no mistake about it though; it is still a bit harsh. It is similar to the first track, an atmosphere that mixes relaxation with agonizing pain; a great way to end the album.

I enjoyed the album, but I just wish that they would go back to their earlier sound. Maybe this EP was just the experimental material, and their next full-length would have them return to their usual sound. But there's still that good chance that they may stick to this new sound. Let’s put it this way, their earlier albums dwelled more into the feelings of sadness and hopelessness while their new sound dwells more on pain, anger, and anxiety. They made that one track on the second album that I guess was the hint on what they wanted to do in the future.

I'll continue to listen to their future releases, but I will forever long for that original sound that they had made earlier. It was just so beautiful to me.