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City of Steel - 70%

fleurs du mal, March 7th, 2012

Here comes another kind of combination. In a unique way, this band managed to compose the classic headbanging thrash metal riffing while jumping into the realm of melodic death metal. Riff handing over another riff, this album's musical pieces deliver a massive rush into the mind of the listener, like solid steel hitting the nerves of your neck to the unstoppable banging engine. Let's not talk about the album art that much; once you take a look at it, you will have that feeling of a great classical thrash metal album.

Musically, the guitars influenced by old school thrash and modern melodic death is indeed something you can't leave unnoticed, joining riff after riff of solid headbanging materials and enjoyable lines. Drums are executed brutally and technically good, and the bass is fine, too. Finally, the vocals remind you of "Sodom" and "Destruction" combined with some high-pitched vocal style. This album is worth a listen, but I don't expect this to be a good selling album. Indeed, this is 32 minutes of your life that you will never regret, but no remarkable riffs or solo are to found here. As a band that has yet to understand the real deal, this album is killer, but compared to the international acts, they still have a hard way ahead.

I personally recommended this album to any thrasher worldwide. It's a great experience you will find through 32 minutes, and I wish this band the great success they deserve.