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Pagan Magic - 91%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

Offering a pagan twist on modern gothic metal, Unshine provides the listener with flowing harmonies backed by sharp riffing that makes for a highly listenable combination. Vocalist Susanna Vesilahti has a style of singing that is immediately pleasurable to the ear, making the band’s escapades into melodic metal a joy to hear on tracks like “Rowena’s Song” and “Snow White.”

The heaviness of Unshine resides primarily in the group’s dramatic impact, placing song parts in a manner which achieves maximum theatrical amplitude. During “Not For Me”, the band sound like a laid-back power metal band, their melodic sensibilities being similar to that genre in structure. The execution however, is performed in a more accessible manner than many European acts, a fact which should allow Unshine to cross over into commercial radio. This Finnish fivesome are really good at mixing power with harmony, making this record one that would be of interest from fans of everything from Evanescence to Nightwish.

That said, you’ll find many darker elements here as well, with the aforementioned “Snow White” being a perfect example of the band’s pagan musical leanings. Ultimately, the band is able to take the listener away with such melodies to a realm where dark beauty reigns supreme and in doing this, they show that they are a band to keep an eye out for.