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Amazing Album! - 95%

MetalHeadNorm, May 18th, 2009

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This has got to be the best melodic death metal CD I have ever heard. Christian – who later moved on to bands Scar Symmetry, and currently Miseration – is amazing in every band he joins. This man has the perfect balance of a killer death growl and beautiful singing, and he doesn't hesitate to display that on Infinite Soul-Extension (2003).

To start with, this isn't normal Melodic Death Metal: This is melodeath with with Brutality and Awesomeness cranked up as high as melodic death metal can go. From the first seconds, you will notice that the drums are wicked fast, the riffs plow through your ears and Christian's guttural vocals just tear you up. Unmoored uses a standard harsh verse → melodic chorus approach, and it's a relief because the constant power and brutality will leave your ears wishing for melodic chorus to get there sooner.

This album is very powerful, and it is very brutal as I've already mentioned. A few of the stand out tracks include Unspeakable Grief – the six minute epic first track, Leave-Taking – a killer track with a lot of progressive parts and a groovy keyboard solo, Phase of Revulsion – my personal favorite song where I think they reach the pinnacle of Melodic and Death Metal co-existence, and Cinders Veil – which is just plain awesome if not just for the shred alone. That doesn't mean that this album has any filler tracks, because it doesn't. Every song on this CD has something unique about it. If I had to pick a favorite, it'd probably have to be Phase of Revulsion just because it's brutal, but still catchy and memorable.
The album ender – “Final State Part III” is a sudden change of pace as the the band puts on a softer tone. Some people don't think songs like this belong on a Death Metal CD, but to me, it couldn't be more welcome. It's as if the first seven songs kick the shit out of you, and then “Final State...” is there to give you a band-aid. This song is so mellow, yet they still manage to incorporate some stellar guitar playing from both electric and acoustic and a beautiful solo to end the album on a happy note.

It's a shame that Unmoored was never much of a popular band, because they left this gem for us to enjoy. Even if you're not a fan of Melodic death metal, I'd recommend Infinite Soul-Extension (2003), as it is something that any metalhead can really get into. In other words: If you like varied, heavy riffage or awesome and well-placed guitar solos, brutal drumwork or anything related to Metal, this album will leave you wanting to listen to it again and again.