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Killed By Death - 94%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

Technical, brooding death metal that is as intricate and elaborate as any other band in the genre, Unmoored manage to pull off a variety of sounds on their third release, ‘Indefinite Soul-Extension’. ‘Unspeakable Grief’ gets the madness going with a track that is reminiscent of Nocturnus, both due to its heaviness and the manner in which the keyboards of Johan Astrand are utilized. But Unmoored are like a good horror flick, you can’t predict what the band is going to do next. Tomas Johansson plays some simply amazing lead guitars, his quick fingered arpeggios blazing across his guitar’s fret board at warp speed, then, fluctuating between disjointed, off tempo rhythms. There are some strong melodic elements which grace the song ‘Leave-Taking’, and the group’s ambitious compositional structure here moves between schizophrenic ranges of powerful emotions. Vocalist/guitarist Christian Alvestam combines many different types of voices into a single piece, which keeps things interesting. As if the band’s spasmodic fluctuations musically were not enough to hold your attention.

‘Morndraper’ starts off like a car crash that never ends, and for a death metal band, that’s a good thing. Unmoored really gets blasting on this piece as Alvestam truly sounds like a man possessed, attacking the microphone with sheer vehemence. Extraordinary drummer Henrick Shonstrom holds it all together with dead-on four limbed front that powers the group’s performance. ‘Cinders Veil’ is perhaps the highlight of the album, further evidence of Unmoored’s proficient songwriting skills exists in this songs delay filled chorus that is as close to a hook as you will find in Death Metal without watering it down too much. The solo here consists of more virtuoso shredding by the hands of Johannsson.

‘Spit Forth From Failure’ is a driven song with a sense of urgency, lapsing from rapid right hand movements to palm muted crunching. The lead break introduces the thick chorus section well, with Alvestam sounding especially evil on this particular track.

An extremely crucial effort from these talented Swedes, ‘Indefinite Soul-Extension’ is death metal the way it was meant to be played, ruthless, intelligent and unrelenting. Code666 really has a find here, and if any of the bands on their roster can bring the label greater international exposure, it would be Unmoored. Quite recommended!