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Prog Death the way it should be done! - 94%

Dark_Mewtwo1, November 3rd, 2005

About 3 years ago, I had never heard of this band, and I was still digging through the countless great extreme bands out. I decided to buy this album on an impulse buy when it was released in '03, and it was my first exposure to Unmoored. Damn I am glad I did, this album is great.

Indefinite Soul-Extension combines elements of death metal, melodic death, Gothenburg, and progressive metal. The riffing at times is very crunchy and heavy like many death acts, but then it's more atmospheric, prog-like, and then again it's a bit on the Gothenburg side, with the Maiden-esque harmony riffs. The drumming is superb, Henrik Schönström does a helluva job keeping this whole album sounding progressive and epic, yet brutal and heavy. Christian Älvestam's vocals are great, mixing some pretty melodic harsh vocals (ala Gothenburg but with a bit more balls), and some great sounding clean vocals that give any renowned metal singer a run for their money. The album's first track, Unspeakable Grief, is probably their best song on the album, combining all of the above elements into 5 minutes of great music. Overall the album keeps a high standard, with some excellent songs like Commit to the Fire and Spit Forth From Failure (with some excellent solos as well). These Swedes sure know their stuff, and I expect to hear more great music from these folks in the future.