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Unlord - Gladiator


Basilisk, January 19th, 2007

Unlord is a band fairly deep in the underground; “Unlord's goal is not big publicity about their music, they only want people to enjoy their creations.” As a motto I respect this. Any band with such intentions deserves respect. Apparently they have been around since 1989, which just goes to show you that they mean what they say.

This is real black-metal (blackened thrash?) and it's apparent that the musicians care about what they're doing. There's nothing trendy about it. It’s fast and brutal, yet not every song sounds the same as is a problem with quite a few BM bands.
At times it sounds rather thrash-influenced; this note is encouraged by the vocals which I would say are yelled and croaked rather than shrieked and rasped (if you know what I mean). The guitar work is good cutting stuff and the blast-beats never relent. A few rare mystical moments as well as some tribal rhythms and strings accompany this raw, brutal black-thrash meta assault.

This album offers 10 pummeling, foot-tapping tracks that you can definitely bang your head to. It comes with a detailed booklet that not only includes the lyrics but also a savage story to accompany the theme of the album. No complaints about the sound quality, you can hear everything that you were intended to. I would recommend this album, and though I have not heard any of their other work, I think I probably have all I need of them right here in Gladiator.
It starts off with a 20 second croaking dialogue intro, then blasts off appropriately into the first song “Hell’s Gates Are Opened” which sets the standard for the remainder of the destructive tracks until you hit the last one “Hymn of the Gladiator” which is a slower, instrumental that serves the final ambiance well.

I recommend this album; it's fun to listen to and it's good musicianship. A veritable diamond in the rough.