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This warrior fights a losing battle - 16%

Felix 1666, July 2nd, 2017

My heroic quartet of Swedish death metal pioneers consists of Entombed, Dismember, Grave and Unleashed and if I had to select the most likeable, my choice would be clear. Unleashed has always been the most authentic formation. The vast majority of their albums blow the shit out of the microscopic place called my brain. But "Warrior" practices the opposite. It delivers a portion of shit in order to fill the hollow spaces of my head with the muddy excrements of the Swedes.

Already the predecessor of "Warrior" had some unexpectedly weak songs, yet the here reviewed work is much worse still. One-tone riffs, mostly offered at a snail's pace, do not deliver any idea in order to form interesting songs. Uninspired, lame and insubstantial are the words that come to mind when listening to this crummy stuff. For example, the opener "Warmachine" sucks completely. With a length of less than two minutes and a variety of less than two tones, it gives rise to many questions. Who said that this song is finished? Why was it recorded? Who was the outsider that chose exactly this pale piece for the opener? Mankind will never know the answers.

Overly primitive structures are not a crucial disadvantage, but they need to go hand in hand with a furious, rapid and vehement approach. But songs like "Hero of the Land" are bloodless, without energy and belligerence. Their melodic fragments are not enough to lend them an individual face. This is all just bullshit in its more or less purest form. Ironically, exactly the keyboard-based intro of "Löngt Nid" pricks up the listener's ear, but everything falls flat as the guitar sets in. A boring instrumental is the miserable outcome. By the way, Unleashed was never a group that scored with technical skills. Therefore, I cannot understand the decision to integrate a (comparatively long) instrumental, because it shows the weak side of the band in relentless openness.

From time to time, the obviously confused band gets back on its feet and intensifies the tempo ("Mediawhore", "Born Deranged", the title track). Too bad that the lack of substance remains regardless of the chosen pace. Of course, "Born Deranged" is more acceptable than anti-songs like "I Have Returned" with its baggy guitars or "Ragnarök" which seems to be recorded in slow motion. But especially "Mediawhore" has nothing to offer but a predictable, one-dimensional structure and mediocre leads. Is this really the death squadron that gave us precious metals like "Before the Creation of Time", "Onward into Countless Battles" or "To Asgaard We Fly"?

With regard to the egregiously meaningless song material, I am not willing to talk about the production. One can record this kind of tunes with the latest technology and one can equip them with the scent of strawberries - the result will always suck. Yet if somebody points a gun at me in order to hear my opinion about the mix of "Warrior", then I can frankly say that it sucks as well. Unleashed present a comatose death metal sound without any lively details. I still wonder that the band survived this disastrous publication.

This one sucks! - 12%

hex_omega, April 21st, 2017
Written based on this version: 1997, CD, Century Media Records (Digipak)

Swedish death metal band telling stories about Vikings and Norse Mythology and stuff? Amon Am… No! Unleashed, dude! Unleashed have been doing this since 1991 – many many years before Amon Amarth made the whole thing trendy and became the overrated, big budget band they are nowadays. Unleashed was one of the very first death metal bands I ever listened to, I have always loved their particular sound, their imagery, including their extremely cool logo, sort of representing a Viking longship with the inverted cross.

But this one sucks.

I mean it really sucks. This album is full of forgettable, uninspired, and annoyingly short songs which are composed of 2 – 3 über-boring ‘riffs’ most of the times. I don’t know what happened back in 1997, but after their 3 classics “Where No Life Dwells”, “Shadows in the Deep”, “Across the Open Sea” and the acceptable “Victory”, Unleashed suddenly oversimplified things on this turd. Not that they had ever been super-technical, but on “Warrior”, they take simplicity to ridiculous levels. You can’t even call this death metal. Apart from some fast(-ish) songs here and there (which suck), this is mostly groovy, hardcore-ish bullshit. And Johnny’s vocals annoy the shit out of me (low point: every time he shouts “media whore!!!” in the eponymous shitload). He has never had the deepest of death metal grunts, but he managed to do a very decent job on all other Unleashed outputs.

This album initiated a very sucky phase for Unleashed, which included the ‘triumvirate’ “Warrior”, “Hell’s Unleashed” and “Sworn Allegiance” (with the latter showing signs of recovery, which was finally achieved 10 years later after the start of this phase with the very solid “Midvinterblot”). One thing that considerably contributes to the failure of these 3 records (for me), and especially “Warrior”, is the shift in lyrical themes. If I listen to an album by Unleashed called “Warrior”, with a Viking’s helmet on its front cover, I don’t want to hear stories about media whores, junkies or radiation that I don’t give a flying fuck about. I want to hear stuff about battles, Vikings slaying Christians and Norse mythology in general.

As I already said, we have mostly short songs composed of very few quasi-riffs that do not inspire the slightest desire ever to listen to them again after one time. The exceptions are the cool, very “The Call of Cthulhu”-ish, instrumental “Löngt Nid”, the doomy “Ragnarök” and the opening riff of “Your Pain My Gain” (although the rest of the song is big pile of horseshit). So, that’s like 10 minutes out 41. 25%. I’ll half that for insulting the listener’s intelligence on the rest of the tracks.


The return of the death metal warriors - 87%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, December 9th, 2008

We had already noticed how the Unleashed sound changed a bit in the recent past, with the Victory album and this time this band is again on the borderline between the old school style and some more modern elements. However, the more modern parts are never too massive and annoying, but always quite veiled and not that exposed. That’s a better thing also because a band like Unleashed is famous for not having changed its style during the career, always following the death metal path. That could be a risky thing because sometimes no innovation leads to always weaker songwriting. However, this band was always able to release quite good efforts in my opinion.

“Warmachine” is short, massive and the good point is for the vocals: they have returned to that rough and growlish tonality, forgetting the more hardcore touch of the recent past. “In Hellfire” shows, like in the past, more thrash metal elements, especially on the guitars palm muting. The tempo is quite slow but massive and epic. The refrain is well-stuck and recognizable, while the following “Mediawhore” is definitely faster. The power of the guitars is far more present and a second guitarist was needed in order to be stronger. The up tempo parts are flowing and the riffs are incredibly heavy, while we can find a quite good solo too.

“Down Under the Ground” is slow, groovish but these elements do not add boredom to the sound and the epic elements are this time more present. “Death Metal Victory” is a true hymn by Unleashed and soon it destroys the mid-paced “My Life For You”. The tempo increase in speed and the chorus is epic enough to make scream an entire horde of warrior. Some Celtic Frost influences can be found on the slow and again epic “Hero of the Land” and this is actually very good. What I liked is that the once boring mid-paced sections they played in the past are now far more convincing and epic. This is a truly important thing to notice in order to remark their growth in songwriting.

“Löngt Nid” is not spectacular on its slow march but it’s convincing once more and at least it’s epic and battling. The following “Born Deranged” is definitely faster with a long series of up tempo and tremolo pickings. The refrain is always well-audible and the riffs are catchy. The break by the middle displays and excellent, if not that technical or complex, work by the lead guitar in order to create a dark and utterly dramatic atmosphere. “I Have Returned” s probably the most boring and derivative track on this album. It’s lame and without ideas. The slow progression is continued with the darker “Ragnarök”. This time the lead guitar is better and the atmosphere is definitely black with some arpeggios too.

“Your Pain is my Gain” shows more dynamic structures to return to speed. The riffs are more thrash metal oriented and the modern elements are far more present here. The stop and go riffs by the guitars are not the best but it’s quite convincing. The same can be found on the last “The End”. This song has more or those stop and go riffs and the vocals show also more melodic passages. It’s a pity because these last two songs could have been far better but they sink in mediocrity. The last part of this album is not that good but the rest stands out in a good way. This is definitely a better work by Unleashed.

pretty good death metal.. - 78%

dragons_secrets, September 7th, 2003

This album in my opinion has that x factor of crunch and headbangingability that alot of DM albums fail to have. One of the reasons might be because the songs on here are mostly mid paced DM. The riffs are heavy, downtuned and thrashy..but thats a good thing . Trust me. In fact, alot of the songs have that ability to get you going..they just have that moshable feel to them. Granted, if you dissected the album further, you'd find that the songs are indeed very stripped down to bare bones metal, they do however tend to be quite repititive with the riffs and such...but its not a complete disaster, because the songs are all pretty short.
And don't expect too much for solos on this album....its not that the solos are bad..its just either just me or its that there aren't too many of them, either that or its because the soloing is not too memorable (it doesn't have to be for this type of metal).
The vocals here aren't far from standard, BUT he doesn't sing so gutteral as to where the lyrics are incomprehesable...actually I think the vocals fit very well and makes the sound even more heavy and help to add to the aforementioned "x-factor".
Anyways, this album isn't bad at fact it does what it should do...its great for headbanging, its not evil sounding, but as a whole its still pretty solid.
Overall, the mid-paced songs are best. "Warmachine" is quite catchy and cool even though its not even 2 minutes long. "Mediawhore" has a nice smashing riff that is pure molten metal, the song is great too!. "Hero of the Land" actually exerts small amounts of melody, its not the best, but notable I'd say. "Born Deranged" is the speediest (no surprise...constant snare drum) and most standard death metal number...don't worry it slows down halfway through..."Ragnarok" is the closest to evil brooding DM you'll get here, while "Your Pain, My Gain" shows the most promise of the latter half of the album, as its yet another stomping moshterpiece. The last song, appropriately titled "The End" isn't really one the highlights but its still noteworthy and still manages to chug on like a big black demon train of death :) It even has one of the most vile solos on the album...vile? yeah it fits the song!

This isn't a bad record at all. It may or may not be the Unleashed that everyone adores...but oh well...I still find most of it enjoyable...