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Not the Best Unleashed Release... - 74%

PowerMetalGuardian, July 8th, 2004

The Swedish death metal band Unleashed has unleashed some pretty quality death metal over the past years. Victory carries on this quality, though the album is good, it isn't that good. Victory is like a bunch of filler songs that should be on other albums, thrown onto one separate album.

Like I mentioned before, the album is good quality death metal, but nothing worth selling your soul for. For the most parts the songs are medium paced to very slow, (see Precious Land which is slower than any Winter song ever created). Medium to slow songs aren't really that bad, but add that with some very typical death metal riffs, and then you can understand what I am saying. The riffs aren't really that good, in no spot do they become technical, just straight power chord riffing which makes the album boring at times.

The good part of this album is the drumming. It isn't the greatest, but it manages to display some unique drum beats for being death metal music. The worst thing about this album has to be the singing which is very sloppy even for death metal music. On some songs he sings with a very deep, growled voice, while other times he sings with a forced growl that sounds real pathetic. On some songs he uses both techniques and interchanges them every other second. Best song to show this is in the song Hail the New Age, one of two highlights on this album. One worth mentioning song on this album is In the Name of God, which is the fastest song on this album, hence the first time I headbanged on this album.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't total bull shit. It is just a very mediocre death metal album, and a very mediocre Unleashed album for that matter. Maybe you die hard Unleashed fans appreciate this more than I do. I would pick it up if it was at or under five bucks, nothing more though.