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It's the Age of the Fucking Warrior! - 90%

The_Boss, April 4th, 2007

Wow, what a great release. Unleashed, a death metal band from Sweden makes a great effort in their 8th studio release and boy this one sure is a killer! I think the Viking influences on Midvinterblot are very prominent and I was definitely impressed at how they were fused together with the typical death metal style as noticed in the drumming and excellent vocals. All musicians play well and do not drag down the album in the least bit. The production on this album works well and highlights the skillful musicianship showing the talent on each song.

The songs aren’t very long which is alright because the album makes up for it with having a good number of songs and making almost every song memorable with no fillers. That’s quite an accomplishment with a dozen+ songs!

Midvinterblot is an excellent death metal album with obvious Viking nods and the lyrics make me want to go grab my chain mail, jump on a longboat and sail off to some foreign land and plunder the village and rape the women! Already mentioned are the shortness of the songs but each song has either a decent solo, killer headbangin’ riff or a catchy-as-hell chorus. This approach could even be considered to be a melo-death album or solely Viking metal album even, well maybe not but I don’t see many straightforward death metal acts with this approach; which I might add works perfectly!

I recommend this album to anyone who is a death metal fan, Viking metal fan, or melo-death fan! This album is really solid and proves that Unleashed after 10+ years can release kickass quality music!

Best songs: Triumph or Genocide, This is Our World, We Must Join With Him, Age of the Warrior