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Excellent Return For Unleashed - 85%

Morbidreich, February 15th, 2007

Unleashed prove here on “Midvinterblot” they are still a force to be reckoned with in death metal. With their 2004 album "Sworn Allegiance” Unleashed proved they were still capable of producing solid records after a period of somewhat uninspired output.

From the get go this album goes for the throat, awesome heavy catchy riffs coupled with precise drumming and Johnny Hedlund’s excellent vocals prove this band still has it and musically are as tight as ever. As usual Unleashed’s lyrical content centers around Viking themes and Norse mythology that go hand in hand with the atmosphere the music creates. The production here is also worth mentioning which gives the album an even more powerful punch than previous discs and letting every instrument stand out and be heard.

Each track stands on its own but the songs here are best experienced together as an album. There are plenty of melodic leads on here that really fit well with the riffs and complement the aggressive parts and improve the overall atmosphere of the songs. Overall this album is a winner and though its nothing new or really innovative it’s a testament to this band’s staying power and ability to write quality material this late in their career.