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Death fucking metal + barebones production = KILLL - 87%

Estigia666, May 29th, 2003

I bought this album without hearing of this band's name, nor the music. It was kind of a risky choice for me, but it was very cheap so i said "what the hell?" and purchased it.

I wished i always had such a good streak of fortune when buying albums. This shit RULES! Really, if GOOD death metal as direct as possible with barely any tweaking in the knobs to make it sound more "elaborated" and absolutely none of that artificial annoying digital bullshit is what you like, you need this. This is one of those live albums that fall right into the "real live" cathegory (see also "No Sleep 'till Hammersmith"): the guitars are primitive sounding (the tone is not very well EQed), the bass distorted and there are some mistakes in the interpretation here and there.

Some great choice of songs, i think those are among Unleashed's greatest (can't really tell. I must get the studio albums pronto!). There's a "Breaking the Law" cover, but it doesn't work for these guys' style. The production is dirty, but it works. Every instrument, plus the crowd, can be heard cristal clear. This ain't "Dawn of the Black Hearts". Just track this down and play it on your CD player while you mercilessly slaughter your family, then the people next door and the rest of your entire neighborhood using nothing but a butter knife. Or whatever, just go nuts with it.