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Another death metal Victory!!! - 95%

MrLapinKulta, July 4th, 2008

I can't really think of any other band in death metal that has always stayed at the top of their game in the same dominating fashion as Swedens Unleashed. Over the course of nearly two decades they've only suffered slight dips in quality during the mid-90s (Victory and Warrior are great albums but not brilliant as the rest of their discography) and unleashed (hehehe...) tons of classic death metal tunes. I mean, who can argue with stuff like Onwards Into Countless Battles, To Asgaard We Fly, Death Metal Victory, Destruction (of the Race of Men), We Must Join With Him and so on!? Pure death metal classics and that's just a small, tiny percentage of their greatest tunes.

With this, their 9th, outing they continue their march relentlessly and hammer out another batch of future classics. Swedish old-school death is what Unleashed are about and have always been about but they are definitely not afraid to incorporate other influences to further enhance their sound. Touches of thrash and black metal are sprinkled all over for effect and the end-result is an old-school yet fresh sounding attack of extreme metal with melodies to die for. I could start ranting and listing song titles again but that would be quite meaningless. Each and every song on here is a killer in its own right. If you like death metal you must love Unleashed. A pure death metal victory and definitely a contender for album of the year when 2008 comes to pass!