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Not bad, but not too memorable. - 70%

caspian, September 7th, 2006

Unleashed's debut album was an absolute corker. Full of good riffs and great vocals. It was passionate, powerful death metal and a great example of just how damn huge Death Metal can be when it's done right. Unfortunately, like a lot of bands, Unleashed were unable to keep the spirit of their first record. Instead, we have a bunch of death metal songs, that while they are solid, better produced and less raw, they aren't anywhere near as pure, as passionate as Where no Life Dwells.

Don't get me wrong though, this is still a good album. Not much has changed. There's still the mid paced guitar riffs, the rythym section is capable without showing off, and while the vocals aren't quite as throaty and aggressive as they where in the Where no Life Dwells, they are still fairly aggressive and fit the music perfectly.

There's still plenty of awesome riffs to be found. To Asgaard we Fly is full of awesome galloping riffs with a nice mid tempo bridge. I am God is pretty damn fast, with some cool tremelo picked riffs. It's pretty menacing, and as good as anything of the first album. In the Northern Sea is full of effective and simplistic riffing, and Execute them All has a super powerful main riff that's very thrashy and extremely headbangable. Not all songs are good though.. The title track is decent, but the melodies in it aren't that good, and the song can't make up it's mind whether to be epic or an interlude. It would've been cool if it was nine minutes long and had some massive riffing, and it would've been cool if it was a minute long. But at 3 minutes, it overstays its' welcome and doesn't really achieve much. The Judas Priest cover is horrific. The singer may be a great growler, but he can't do Rob Halford.

So every song but two of them is pretty good.. Why only 70% then? Because the album just leaves you disinterested. Maybe it's just me, but it just doesn't sound like the guys in Unleashed were still excited about playing death metal, and decided to just churn out an album of songs. The production is more polished but it lacks the warmth and thickness of the first album, and the vocalist sounds like he can't be stuffed. Not a bad album by any means.. Just not a good one.