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A Logical Step Forward - 80%

Altair 4, November 17th, 2013

Hot on the heels of their sophomore effort 'Demons of the AstroWaste', Unleash the Archers have released this solid EP entitled 'Defy the Skies'. 'Demons of the AstroWaste' was a solid and overall enjoyable album, but was hampered by its failed attempts at connecting all of the songs into a united concept. This EP however, offers much hope for the next full-length release from UtA.

It seems that in the time since their second album Unleash the Archers have made great strides in unifying and focusing their sound. 'Demons of the AstroWaste' had plenty of breakdowns and gruff vocals, all combined into a power metal sound. 'Defy the Skies' still carries on some of these elements but in a more toned down manner. It seems they may have opted for a more straightforward power metal sound but with the same modern twists that helped set them apart from other standard power metal fans. The use of death metal vocals in "The Path Unsought" are well done and completely appropriate, adding much texture to the mix.

With no distracting segues and messy sound effects between songs like we found on 'Demons..' the songs found here flow well with no stumbling blocks. 'Defy the Skies' is a logical step forward for Unleash the Archers and is quite a pleasant, short listening experience. I would definitely recommend this to any power metal fans, perhaps even more so than any other UtA release.

Highlights: "Upon Ashen Wings", "The Path Unsought"