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Simple, enjoyable. Solid stuff. - 84%

Innersfree, April 16th, 2012

When Kiske and Kai got together to get this through and with the rather speedy title of the piece itself, I was expecting something quite unlike this. But it seems both the hangover of Kiske's solo efforts and the presence of not one, but two Pink Cream 69 members here persists. Of course, there's one outta Krokus, too. But enough of that. This is straight up hard rock with some definite power influences creeping in, mostly in the choruses, but for the most part this one stays well and comfortably mid-paced.

The title track is disposable entertainment and cheesy to the point of being absolutely clunky. Granted, its purpose seems to be not to turn off Helloween and Gamma Ray fans altogether completely on first go, and of course the obligatory 'WE'RE UNISONIC!' would provide for a pretty good singalong experience live. The band itself seems utterly unaware how terribly trite the name is. Ah well. While it is the fastest track on here and therein a bit of a misnomer, it's also one of the weakest, and for good measure.

The strength of any good hard rock, of course, rests in hooks and choruses, and the rest of the tracks deliver in plenty. The standard template seems to be to focus on the choruses, and you'd have all of them down on first listen with some of them being truly momentous. There's the odd surprise thrown in through the album's length, like the very nicely done ballad that bookends the album and also happens to be the longest track on here. There's also a bit of a dabble in pop rock in Never Change Me, and a strange power metal mid-crisis encapsulates Never Too Late. All quite well executed too, I might add. Nothing here ever comes off as forced, and all of it is memorable enough for mandatory repeat listens.

So while this might be more of a step down on the brakes than you'd actually have believed from the first single and video, it really doesn't disappoint. This comes highly recommended to both Helloween and Gamma Ray fans and any fans of melodic hard rock.