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Unisonic - Light of Dawn - 100%

diana6972, August 5th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, earMUSIC (Digisleeve (deluxe edition))

Unisonic's debut album was quite sensational and put the band on the map instantly, and now the guys return tighter than ever! This album shows that Unisonic has matured, but hasn’t lost its identity. They have a well-defined brand style.

“Light of Dawn” is a masterpiece, an authority on the rock scene and through its brilliance defines just why we are all fans of Unisonic and we can’t get enough of them. Everyone has their favourites and Unisonic give everything a fan could want in this record: different songs styles with a slightly heavier approach on some tracks, that familiar guitar sound that blow your minds, crystal clear soaring vocals, great sounding drums, and a huge production that's simply majestic. But let’s face it, when Michael Kiske sings, anything recorded is going to reflect some natural beauty, right?

Venite 2.0 is the way they start an epic composition with classical notes. That’s the short intro into this big musical journey. All you hear will change into a speed/power metal song Your Time has Come, everything a speed metal fan could expect an opening track to be. It explodes and delivers all the guitars, great melodies, and Michael’s powerful voice, radiant extraordinary for its quality and range. And talking about speed songs, here’s For the Kingdom, well-known from the debut EP and another song full of energy.

We also have great songs with the driving, fast beat of the purest hard rock style: Night of the Long Knives. It grooves, it rocks, and it's very catchy. Same for Find Shelter and Manhunter. They have a sound you've come to love. When the Deed is Done is a melodic rocker with melodies flying everywhere. Evocative, wistful, and wonderfully sung with a richness rarely heard. Exceptional - this is one of my favorites. A hard rocker song that gives Michael another chance to shine with that strong, memorable vocal tone.

Oh well, Throne of the Dawn… there's something special about this one especially. It’s a metal song with great attitude. Outstanding, great riffs, and Michael delivers the song with a brilliant soulful quality in his voice. One of the best tracks from this new album. Blood is an intense and very beautiful ballad with big sentimental heartfelt lyrics complete with a lot of tasteful music playing.

You and I is an absolute monster ballad and ends the album beautifully. Michael holds real vocal power and uses his voice very well here. This song is achingly beautiful. As you might expect, combining Michael's fine vocal talent with these great musicians and producer results in something special. I could listen over and over to "Light of Dawn" without tiring.

Well, everything is said, so run to your local record store and buy "Light of Dawn". You will thank me.