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Their Time has Come! - 87%

Gintoki, August 9th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, earMUSIC (Digisleeve (deluxe edition))

Better late than never. After every other power metal band already released their new material, Unisonic finally followed. But considering Unisonic as a power metal band wouldn't do neither justice to the band nor to their audience. Their debut album was critisized by the metal scene for being too rock-oriented and this time the boys learned their lesson. "Light of Dawn" is heavier and more aggressive than it's predecessor while still containing some AOR music.

After the intro song, "Your Time Has Come" initiates the new era of Unisonic 2.0. A song that should have been released 25 years ago after the Keeper albums of Helloween. In fact I haven't heard a song that screamed Keeper III as much as this one does. It's very fast, catchy as hell and takes the listener to a trip, especially when the high-speed guitar solo kicks in.

Following this masterpiece are "Exceptional" and the song that was already known from the EP of the same title "For the Kindgom". "Exceptional" is an interesting bass-led tune by Dennis Ward which slows the tempo down a bit (but in a good way) only for "For the Kingdom" to speed it up again and showcase probably the heaviest song off the album featuring a glorious and anthemic chorus. From there on the overall tempo of the songs keeps steady in mid-low pace until the end, with few exceptions. "Throne of the Dawn" deserves a special mention for it's interesting Led Zeppelin-esque intro and its badass chorus. This is an instant live hit.

The mid-tempo rockers are decent in the worst case but overall of very good qualiti and reminiscent of the ones from the debut album, but the ballads on this one are a step up from the first disc. Especially Kiske's "Blood" deserves a special mention. For a ballad its quite melodic and catchy and spiritual and religious people are gonna be happy with the lyrics but the hardcore metal fans might be turned down by them.

This albums listens more coherently than the first one and is more enjoyable to listen in one sitting. Contrary to the first album, "Light of Dawn" has not a single bad song. Only decent songs and a lot of very good ones are here to be found with "Your Time Has Come", "Exceptional", "For the Kingdom", "Blood" and "Throne of the Dawn" being my favorites. These songs alone are worth getting the album and if you have a side for hard rock like I do you will also enjoy the other songs.