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A time machine back to humble beginnings - 95%

kluseba, February 1st, 2012

This super-band power metal project featuring for the first time in nearly twenty-four years a collaboration of the two Helloween masterminds Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske delivers everything European power metal stands for. This first output features many great melodies with beautiful guitar solos, dynamical drum patterns, pumping bass guitar lines and crystal clear vocals. The great thing is that the famous singer and guitar play do not stand out too much as each musician in this band is truly gifted and worth playing in this line-up. While many other power metal bands are too soft and childish or try to be too hard and experimental nowadays, Unisonic stick to their roots and deliver a good that has become quite rare these times. This is the kind of record I have waited for after the latest stinkers of Edguy, HammerFall or Helloween.

The songs on this record are short and sweet and have many catchy hooks with only a few calm and progressive breaks. The three new songs will be future live classics and especially the straight band hymn "Unisonic" is already as essential as Halloween's, Iron Maiden's or Voivod's self-titled or almost self-titled songs. "My Sanctuary" is as catchy and even more diversified. If "Souls Alive" is only a demo track, I can't wait for the mastered version after this energizing piece of feel good energy. I also have to underline the live version of Helloween's "I Want Out". This is how this track has to sound, it's by far the best version I have heard of this track and this one has been covered very often. This song is a time machine back to the late eighties and the glorious beginnings of European power metal. At the same time, there is enough energy and passion in the song to not sound too old fashioned. This music is simply timeless.

After this great release I can't wait for the regular full length record but I highly recommend any fan of power metal music to get this EP. This is definitely the first essential metal release of the year 2012.