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Diabolic Angel! - 7%

Plague, July 1st, 2004

What do we have here? Former Diabolic members. Wow... Diabolic... one of the most mundane, boring, pointless death metal bands of all time! I think to myself "this HAS to suck"... and does it ever.

The CD starts off with a dumb Diabolic reject riff. Nice... how many times can you play the same riff? About 4 minutes? How technical. Oooh great! A drummer that plays the same fucking beat over and over! Tempo changes are unbrutal, apparently. The vocals are terrible too, about what you'd expect from a band that thinks it's still 1996 in Tampa. To be completely honest, I think if you play this CD backwards, it will sound exactly like mid to late 90's Morbid Angel.

Overall, the album is jam-packed with Diabolic reject riffs and Morbid Angel worshipping bliss. I can't believe people actually think this band is anything close to being original and/or good. Death metal bands like this should be stopped. I've heard enough Morbid Angel loving bands in my lifetime, I don't need to hear another.