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No Funeral Necessary, Just A Hole Will Do. - 40%

Muse_Perverse696, August 14th, 2012

I have a near fatal weakness for bands that remained largely obscure, especially death metal bands. I haven't the slightest clue what may strike my interest about bands that, seemingly, pull off a disappearing act that rivals Houdini himself. Ungodly is one such that had encapsulated my curiosity, more for it being a part of the .99 cent rack rather than the artwork that I found more humorous than horrifying. The booklet provides no more information than the line up at the time of the recording and various other credits as well as an address you could write to for lyrics and band history, but considering that the album was released in the mid '90s it would be a safe assumption that there would be no reply.

My initial opinion about what this album had to offer was more than harsh. In other words, town folk in the Dark Ages were far more kinder to potential witches than I was to the content of this album. What I had deemed less than listenable due to poor structure ('Hung by a Hook' and 'Necropolis' ,respectively) was not the case, but what plagues this album is little more than unoriginality and a distinct lack of skill. Now, while neither can determine an album's worth whether together or separate, here they impact the atmosphere and give the impression of immaturity on the part of the two guitarists. 'Necropolis' is a good example of this, and about 3:05 a solo come into play that has nothing to do with the rest of the music. It is in fact so completely and utterly different it stands out for that reason only and is exceptionally disconcerting to say the least.

'Bathed in Gutted Twat' would also be another that does not work in the album's favor. The majority of the length is nothing but one boring riff after another, all of which any veteran of the Florida scene would scoff at. The only thing that keeps this song from sinking into the bottomless pit known as mediocrity is the solo at 4:50. Its reception could not be warmer as it builds up from a slow, doomy tempo to an explosive shred fest that may only last for several more seconds or so, but it is undoubtedly the most creative aspect of this song.

As I had said before, the plague of unoriginality is more than evident in what is offered. ‘Masochistic Mutilation' is the most obvious example. From what was implied, one might think this to be a less technical Cannibal Corpse with Corpsegrinder dealing with some throat trouble, but despite the blatant attempt to be what they were aspiring to be, this song is a highlight alongside 'Rape the Virgin Mary'. This is because both songs are coherent, somewhat well-structured ('Rape the..' had a bit of a rough spot in the beginning), and fairly enjoyable to a point. Ungodly also seem to have a rather large amount of influence from Autopsy, one such example would again be 'Necropolis', for it features a single note to note riff that could have come straight from their handbook, however here some of the mystique the riff should offer is ruined by the fact of instead of 3 or 4 notes, it comes to be around 8 or so.

All in all, it was much better than I had hoped to receive from a dollar bin resident, but it was just too unoriginal to derive any long term enjoyment out of it. It is nothing more than an example of staying within the bounds of an influence and not transcending it, using it to achieve a more potent form of sonic sickness. There is no one I could possibly recommend this to unless they would want a third rate alternative to Cannibal Corpse and its ilk and not minding the rough spots. If that is indeed the case, then by all means, but my time is better spent elsewhere.