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Celtic Frost influenced doom goodness - 90%

olo, May 28th, 2008

Working in the corporate world, I'm really bored of philistines with their powerpoint presentations using this term, but Unearthly Trance really have carved a niche in the doom metal genre. Seriously, even though they get lumped with the extreme doom/sludge bands in the scene, more so because they tour together, these guys have an undeniable early 80s influenced sound going on. If you're a fan of Celtic Frost and Venom and are really big on doom, this is a band that brings it all together for you. With this established, the band are always redefining themselves and coming up with albums always better than the previous ones.

2008's Electrocution is no exception. With an amazing modern-in-a-good-way artwork and slick layout packaged in a nifty digipack, the album is just plain astonishing after a month's heavy rotation. With the punk-paced Celtic/Venom influenced angle always in tandem with slow dirgy doom sound of theirs, the band keeps it interesting with further refined songwriting and their superlative delivery, powered by glorious sounding fuzzy guitars, distorted bass, and often pounding tribal drums with tried and tested anti-religion/god lyrics and visuals. Fantastic production too.

I must mention, there's going to be a song like Diseased, which renders all my attempts at pigeonholing their sound futile, with its clean arpeggiated chords and clean singing parts (done surprisingly well too). Vocals are supplied by the guitarist Rion Lipynsky and he seems to do the percussive screams often with intonation, and with clean singing every now and then, things are always very powerful. He'd occasionally come across sounding like a southern sludge guy too.

My picks of the album are in the second half. Burn You Insane is your text book Unearthly Trance song and would be a perfect track to have a newbie start off with. Added bonus would be the cool noisy outro.

The album closer Distant Roads Overgrown boasts two of the best riffs of the album. The band goes nuts around the 4 minute mark with the drummer going all 70s on us with his rolls, and guitars doing the noise-feedback thing, before doing their most ferocious and thrashy bit on the album yet. Of course it all slows down to our typical doom pace, but then the band would do those pounding drums again accompanying the clean guitars and then get to that awesome heavy-as-fuck riff once more. Another lesson in great dynamics in songwriting. It's clearly over the eight minute mark before the noisy indulgence for an outro kicks in, but it certainly doesn't feel so. Longest song of the album, but the whole damn thing is cool like that. Their best yet.

Screw the naysayers, Relapse is still putting out good albums every year.

Originall written for

Great Start - Good Final - 81%

DARKMETALPASSION, April 18th, 2008

I'm a big fan of Doom metal and its subgenres (Drone, Sludge, Stoner....Etc) and Unearthly Trance's Electrocution, it´s one of the more awaited 2008 releases for me, due simply to the 2 previous albums that showed evolution between them. UT there was been exploring and mixing their music with Drone, traditional Doom and a some few thrasher parts making them really interesting. Now finally we got this good release, that with just some few listenings easily steal your attention, being little bit intense than before, and never letting go their roots.

Chaos Star the opener track starts really good, playing a repetitive but never bored guitar riff throughout the entire song, near to end the guitar riffs gain speed, intensity and make blown your ears, giving a really good sensation in the begin. God Is A Beast the second track, starts slower than before, soon you´ll notice that, quickly it turns in a desesperate growling vocal tone, gaining speed and changing drastically exactly in the medium of the track, this song proves that UT really enjoy ride on several musical styles. The first and the best part of the album it finishes after the third track, this one contains a incredible drum work, and the vocal style used here is very similar to the black metal styles being this, one of the best track in the entire album.
But unfortunely the followings four tracks don´t show anything important, and for to be honest is hard bring back memories of these songs. But as I said before, the last one track get up the level again, ( Late?, maybe¡¡¡) the title track "Distant Roads overgrown" it´s a length duration song with almost 13 minutes divided in two sections, the first one, it´s an enjoyable slow guitars riffs ala black sabbath, where again the raspy and desesperates vocal work appears strongly, not originally but very interesting. putting emphasis in the guitar riffs along the vocal interpretation. ( High Point)

Electrocution, is a Musical Work sailing on diverses metal genres, starting with traditional Doom and sludge, very similar to bands such Neurosis, Generations of Vipers, with seriously tortured growling, till arrive to Thrash Metal any few moments. being this part, more enjoyable and accesible, Electrocution Sounds really interesting when it turns faster than normal and use the near-thrash level drumming rhythms, that really can be catchy if you enjoy Doom with raspy Vocal Style used at this. Special mention to the drums and voices.

Not terribly original, but not exactly bad either. that can be really enthusiastic and in my humble opinion it will not disappoint.
Really I enjoyed it.