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Eat Your Heart Out In the Eyes of Fire - 90%

UpInSmoke, October 16th, 2008

Unearth are back with their latest full length offering The March. After hearing the album I can safely say that this is how Unearth should sound.

Unearth's previous release In the Eyes of Fire, while not completely terrible, had too many moments that felt like the band took a lunch break on the majority of the songs they wrote. This Glorious Nightmare, Giles, and So It Goes are solid tracks that show the bands love for technicality and speed but many of the other songs just don't seem that well-thought out. There are too many inconstancies that obscure what the band is trying to accomplish on the tracks themselves.

Skip forward to now and it is apparent the band has learned their lesson. The March is a giant step forward from their previous release boasting a powerful slew of speed and breakdowns that fit together great. Melody also plays an important role and unlike In the Eyes of Fire that tried too hard to focus on technicality without much influence on melody, The March keeps it simple on the technical aspect and allows the flow of the song to do the work for the band. Notable songs such as Grave of Opportunity and Crow Killer are good examples.

Heaviness is plentiful on this release. A number of the tracks influence the just hard they hit you with a barrage of breakdowns and two-steps. If Unearth fans were looking for more instances for an album to break someone's nose to then this is their LP is for them.

All-in-all The March is a solid release after a less-than stellar album that preceded it. While it certainly won't eclipse The Oncoming Storm it more than makes up for what In the Eyes of Fire brought us two years ago. The March does have a few flaws to the song writing but it's quickly overlooked. I would recommend this release to anyone hoping for Unearth to bring us back to the days of their earlier works.