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Disappointment - 21%

HeavenDuff, December 6th, 2012

I always try everything at least twice. Why not just once ? Well because once isn't enough. You can't grasp everything the first time around. The second time, you should get something new from the experience. Then the third a little something more, and a little something more during the fourth run. But here. Nothing... In fact, this record gets worse every single time you listen to it. Why? Well, for two very obvious reasons. One is the level of predictability and formulaic song-writing. The second is the blatant lack of originality and need to rely on other metal bands to have a personality.

Not trying to be rude, but this album is boring beyond belief for these two reasons.

What I mean by predictability is that anyone with amateur level musical theory knowledge will be able to predict every single hooks, breakdowns, chugging riffs, solos, vocals jumping, riff change before it happens. And I really mean EVERY. Since the time signature and the song-writing formula are the same throughout the whole album, you can easily say after listening to the first track that you've heard the whole album. I'm not even exaggerating here. Here is a little example to demonstrate my point. Usually the track will start by a thrashy metalcorish riff obviously copied from Testament or another successful thrash metal band. The band will then proceed to repeat the riff for 2 bars. Then the riff will be repeated two more times but with the vocals jumping in the second time around. Then the bridge to the chorus comes or maybe you get a chugging riff played for two bars to announce the coming of a breakdown. There isn't usually much work on transition riffs either. To move from riff to riff a simple breakdow, an open-string palm-muted riff or some kind of pseudo-creative lead will play a few notes. Then throw in the chorus, repeat first riff for the next verse, chorus and then end the track.

Saddest part about this album is that the musicians aren't half bad. There is some quality musicianship in this band, but it gets shadowed by the boring, predictable and uninspired song-writing that you can find throughout the album. Sometimes a good riff even pops out, but then it just end up sucking badly like the rest of the stuff they put up because they repeat it 4 or 8 times with slight changed in the lead or in the drum line or maybe with a little variation in the vocals. Every good idea on this album gets destroyed in a matter of seconds. Tracks like We Are Not Anonymous or The March are almost enjoyable if you can stop trying to predict what's coming next. Or damn, even the intro riff of Grave Of Opportunity is pretty catchy and good. But the track as a whole is like a sleeping pill. There is no difference between Avril Lavigne and Unearth when it comes to formulaic song-writing.

About the lack of personality. I have already mentioned it briefly, and other reviewers have done it two. These guys are copycats. When they aren't stalking Testament, they are obviously trying to be August Burns Red and Trivium but a little more on the thrash metal side, maybe to avoid being called a mallcore band... I don't know... Truth is that they could have been a good tribute band if it wasn’t for the boring chugging metalcore riffs they feel the need to thrown in each track or if they didn’t have to be so formulaic and boring.

I still have the album playing in the background as I’m writing this review and from start to finish this album is a disappointment. Yes, a disappointment. Because I was honestly trying to like this album. And from all the good critics and positive feedback I had from friends on this album, I had expectations. Obviously this band has put together some cool modern trash metal riffs and the musicians are rather good. But no matter how hard I try and how many listens I give to this album, I still don’t like it. I’m sorry.