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Trying to imitate Testament... - 48%

Asamaniac, November 17th, 2008

After a long time I lay my hands on a CD from Metal Blade Records, and guess which band’s new album it is! It is UNEARTH’s brand new album "The March"! Remember my review on the band’s previous album? Yeah, it was not such a good album after all. Guess what! "The March" is even worse!

After the downfall of ALL THAT REMAINS, the god of Heavy Metal is determined to prove that the very few Metalcore bands I like suck! UNEARTH were much more aggressive and catchy in the past and had managed to attract the attention of many metalheads with songs like "The Great Dividers", "Zombie Autopilot" and others.

As time goes by, UNEARTH started becoming the classic average Metalcore band with the predictable beatdown breaks and the Heavy/Thrash guitar leads. While listening to "The March" I came across many parts that reminded me of several bands, like for example "Hail The Shrine", which strongly reminded me of TESTAMENT. So, what we have here is a mediocre Metalcore album with decent compositions (for the genre of course) and a really good production. What does this mean? That we are not going to spend any more time on UNEARTH unless they become the brutal war machine they used to be...

Originally written for Metal-Temple.Com
Yiannis D.