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Alive from the Arockolypse.... - 92%

Magero, May 22nd, 2008

Oh yes, I used a Lordi reference in my title, so sue me. Anyway.
Being a relatively recent Unearth fan, I must say I was a bit hesitant about shelling out for this DVD. I had only really heard the stuff off of III: In the Eyes of Fire, so I wouldn't claim to be a huge fan. But when I saw this for about $20, I just had to buy it. And I'm glad I did. Not only did I become a huge fan of the band thanks to it, but the 90 minute Documentary that came with it is hilarious. Worth the $20 alone really. Anyway, the band is a powerful live force to be reckoned with. Ken and Buzz shred some of these riffs without even looking and stuff like Ken's sweeping behind the head trick is just marvellous to watch. The band work their way through a decent set-list comprised of their most mosh worthy songs from all 3 albums and one EP. Stuff like "This Glorious Nightmare" and "This Lying World" really come alive in the live setting and it's great to see the mosh pits during said songs.

The set list for the show is;
This Lying World
This Glorious Nightmare
Zombie Autopilot
March of the Mutes
Only the People
Sanctity of Brothers
The Great Dividers
Black Hearts now Reign
One Step Away

So it's a fairly diverse line-up of tracks and all are performed brilliantly by the entire band. Stuff like Zombie Autopilot is just amazing to watch, with the duel guitar solo and the harmonised riffage. The second disc is almost worth the price I paid for it alone, as it comes with a 90 minute documentary featuring interviews with(and get ready for a long list);
Corey Taylor, Vinnie Paul, Daniel Weyandt, Scott Mellinger, Keith Buckley, Jordan Buckley, Andy Williams, Ryan Primack, Chris Hornbrook, Matt Devries, Aaron Gillespie, Spencer Chamberlain, Brian Fair, Lorenzo Antonucci, Ravi Bhadriaju, Bobby Stevens, Adam Dutkiewicz, Joe Stroetzel, Robby Roadsteamer, Mike Martin, Phil Labonte, Scott Vogel, Hoya Roc, Mitts, Randy Blythe, Mark Morton, Dino Cazares, Tim Lambesis, Nike Hipa, Phil Sgrosso, Mike Rudberg, Scott Lee, Terry Date, Chris Flynn, Brian Slagel, Mike Faley, Carl Severson, Paul Conroy, and Rick Barnhart. Phew.

It goes through the bands history in an interesting way, giving some great stories (like how Ken fell asleep at the wheel of the tour bus one time and managed to flip the trailer behind them) and also gives a great insight into the band's inner workings. The DVD also has all 7 of their videos and 3 or 4 more live vids. It's fantastic value for money and I was very happy with shelling out the cash for it.

The production is great. Every note rings clear, every word is heard, every drum fill is precise. It's some brilliant production and I honestly can't say I'm surprised considering it was produced by Doug Spangerberg, the same man who did Lamb of God's Killadelphia DVD.

This is Unearths first DVD and I gotta say, they picked the perfect time to put it out. It's in depth, it's long, it's filled with stuff and it was worth every dollar. If it was stolen or lost, I'd replace it without thinking. Coming from someone who's not even a huge fan of the band, this DVD was worth every dollar, as it shows the inner workings of a hard-working metalcore band making their way in the industry doing what they love. And fuck, they do it well.