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It's dangerous business listening to this song - 3%

Atrocious_Mutilation, March 22nd, 2009

(Original review revised and edited in November 4th, 2009)

Oh god my ears hurt. This has to be some of the worst post-hardcore around. And seeing that the actual album is rated an average of 0%, the actual songs have to be one hell of a trek to listen to. Now how did my life ever cross paths with this mass of bullshit that scene kids call music?

I go to the library to get my music. One day I got the 'MTV2 Headbangers Ball: The Revenge' compilation thinking there was good music there. I was wrong, it was polluted with masses of shitty post-hardcore, metalcore, and even emo bands. Back to UO, I found Underoath on the CD, where the name was familiar because of this forum (I'm part of the small minority of actual metalheads) and Underoath was one the of the bands whose name was often thrown around. This was the day before I listened to mostly real metal like I do today so I thought it would be good. But being those people that get music and never listens to it I left the li'l MP3 file to collect e-dust. But then I decided to listen to the post-hardcore for reasons unknown. This song appeared. Then my thought of this song being good...

Disappeared in oblivion. I regretted ever having that thought and tried to cleanse my mind of ever trying to think the blasted thought. It never worked so now I'm stuck with a past thought from a long time ago thinking that Underoath was good. This is very embarrassing having this torment upon me and yet along revealing this to the metal world. Now onto this step-by-step review.

It starts with guitars for one or two seconds where there is barely some of the only decency in the song is but overall it is still a very sub-par and bland song and hardly stands out in the wave of contemporary post-hardcore. The vocals of Spencer Chamberlain kick in 'roundabout here. Probably some of the worst I've heard along with Bring Me The Horizon and Every Time I Die. He sounds like he's trying to do screaming of the new In Flames which no-one would to do by choice but ends up sounding like a whining, screaming emo (big surprise coming from a band like Underoath?). Along side the adult-style baby whines are the guitars, which are at this stages the same as before and still very boring and bland. After that atrocity there is also more atrocity and much more to come after that. Around here there is a keyboard part, where the keys are general rip-offs of the electronic genre but still better than any other part of the song. Laced in with the keys are some clean vocal, emo whining about a bad metaphor of running out of gas.

Later the drums enter, playing a fairly simplistic pattern. And after a very soft interlude it goes back to the same guitar pattern as the start of the song and screaming and/or whining about crosses casting shadows, people remembering things, giant flames and "stopping for you and me". And then it goes into a 'soft, gooey' section sounding very similar to those of generic emo bands, especially Fall Out Boy. This part is what I would assume to be the chorus of the song. In this part Chamberlain whines about leaving some chick. All the instruments stop and a choir enters, probably to try and bring the mood back up since all the emo kids listening to this song would be crying their mascara off and cutting themselves by this time. But I was still having horrible stomach pain since the gooey section.

Re-enter the first 15 seconds of the song with lyrics about thinking they'd "be there by now". The vocals are even worse than the beginning the song, like emo screaming/whining 'magically' made people scream like shit. And now it sounds like a melodeath death growl done horribly wrong which resembles that of Anders Fridén . Re-enter what I think is the chorus and re-enter agonizing stomach pain. And then, the pain ends as the songs does the same.

The lyrics of this song are written in a simplistic pattern that would appeal to little kiddies that think they are 'teh br00t4l' and know true emotion. For example, these kiddies would detest anything that isn't about vandalism, sex, drugs, girls and/or break-ups. This band decided to appeal to the kids by choosing break-ups, a topic that every other clichéd emotive band would choose. I personally don't see the point in break-up songs. This shows why I dislike break-up songs:

Around this turn where
the cross will cast your shadow
The people will all gather
To remember such a day
where the flames grew as high as trees
And the world it stopped, it stopped for you and me

Alright, crosses casting human shadows, people watching this supposedly momentous occasion in all of human history, tall-as-fuck fires. But how does it relate to break ups? If this is a metaphor I'm just not seeing it. I dislike songs that deal with breakups because it takes too long to get to the point. As well, will every people in the world really care that two people who were once intimate with each other aren't anymore? I don't think so. Stop placing yourself and your ex above everyone like you're superior to all human life.

Another reason I dislike songs that deal with breaking up is that they practically shout the same message. The lines "Kiss me one last time, Shut your eyes" show that it's going to be their last time. This is really nothing special as a line like this usually squirms its way into every song dealing with lost love.

Through this terrible but experimental experience I have learned to stay far away from the Underoath section of any CD store and any Underoath CD. But even because of this I have to give these guys a very small bit of credit since their drummer decided not to use those annoying-arse triggers which usually, if not always, ruins a metalcore/post-hardcore song. But damn those guitars get annoying after 5 seconds of listening. And then like every annoying -core the bass is either near or completely inaudible (*cough* Waking The Cadaver *cough*). Bottom line is to stay away from track fourteen disc one on MTV2 Headbangers Ball: The Revenge or anything associated with MTV.