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I cant believe I bought this... - 2%

impendingdoom93, January 2nd, 2008

This is absolute garbage. Completely and absolutely. Anyone who likes this crap most likely also likes Fallout boy.

Every second of this album screams scene at me, from Chamberlain's emocore vocals, to the boring, repetitive guitars, and the blastless drums. Truthfully, I'm not even going to listen for a bass part, because it annoys me to much to pick through all these obnoxious songs.

Generic and emo infested are some good describing words of this album, with it appealing to the losers who listen to pop-punk and all other mainstream music. Wait...this IS mainstream music. The kind that 14 year old girls listen to, especially if their friends do! Trend trend trend.

It starts off bad, with arguably the most annoying guitar chords I've ever heard. Play that 8 times, switch down a fret, then watch the fans scream and marvel at the amazing guitar playing. Give me a break. After that repeats a few times, then comes the emo screeches. Incessantly wailing, then going into the...wait for it...SINGING! Yes, if Chamberlains vocals weren't enough to raise the mainstream factor, them add Gillespies and Chamberlains wails to the mix.
Now multiply that by 10, with the exception of an absolutely retarded nonsense track in the middle, and you have Underoath's "Define the Great Line"

There is no musical talent in this album.
Give an Orangutan a guitar and some sticks and you'll get better results than this.

Why do you need am infinite amount of monkeys to produce Shakespeare's "Hamlet" when you can use 6 and get Underoath?