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To Whom it May Consern - 70%

666head, July 23rd, 2007

I was really surprised that Underoath was accepted. The first time I found out about this band, a cousin recommended it to me. I went over to his place, listened to a couple of tracks, and I thought it was an OK band. As far as metalcore goes, there are better album’s out there, but if you’re curious about the band, this won’t be a bad place to start.

The album starts out with the energetic track “In Regards to Myself”. Its also the most energetic track of the entire album. After the second track “A Moment Suspended in Time” the album goes into this weird calmness. Many of the tracks here are slow, and are the kind that are supposed to make you think, however, they will make you dream instead, since these are boring as hell. These calmer tracks stop, if only briefly, by the speedier track “Returning Empty Handed” and it goes into more slow songs, but these are at least competent.

Lyrically, the album is preachy, but not obnoxious, unless you just can’t stand Christianity, in which case, you’ll just be punishing yourself. Some of the lyrics may make you wonder whether these guys were hired by the pope himself or do it because it part of their belief system.

Overall, the many of the songs lack the drive that others have, many songs feel really inspired, but many feel like fillers that were made because of the label’s pressure. Its really sad to see another uninspired metalcore/emo act, its really depressive, and it seems that many bands have been appearing since My Chemical Romance hit the mainstream. There are way better metalcore acts out there, but even so, this album is enjoyable after a couple of listens. If Underoath didn’t convince you with their earlier albums, then don’t bother buying this, but if you like Underoath, then you’ll definitely enjoy this album. Lovers will find plenty to love, and haters will find plenty to hate, and for those in the middle, there are a couple of enjoyable songs.