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Only bringing riffs - 85%

EyesOfGlass, December 3rd, 2014
Written based on this version: 2012, CD, Independent

I came across Undermine after reading an interview featured in a magazine I usually buy. Undermine is a not-so-recent band now, as they’ve been playing for almost ten years now, but it wasn’t until 2012 that the four-piece could actually record their debut EP, Trayendo Solamente Pobredumbre, which would be something like ‘Only Bringing Poverty’. So, I thought that it’d be good to get it and see what it sounded like.

Undermine could be classified as a thrash metal band, but not a retro thrash one. Rather, they share some similarities with acts such as Revocation, in the sense that their riffs have some sort of technicality going on, but not as much as Revocation’s music. The vocals also put them aside from most retro thrash bands as Francisco Cañardo’s deep growls are not a constant in most bands of the genre. So, in the end, Undermine has all the qualifications for being a thrash metal band, but things such the vocals, some riff structures and the down tuned guitars kind of set them apart from the stereotypical thrash outfit.

If one thing is clear, is that the guys have the riffs. Oh they do have. As I just said, they mix the classical thrashy riffing with some technical fills and licks and the results are terrific. The opening track ‘La Casa de las 100 Habitaciones’ is a must-hear song by all means. It’s a 4-minute, jaw-dropping riff-fest which instantly proves the potential of these four guys, and I should also remark both solos, as they’re pretty well executed too. They did well in placing it as the opening track. The riffs remain as a constant throughout the three other songs, which are given enough space, so the guys are constantly changing riffs and structures and you never run out of good riffs! There are also some breakdowns here and there, as can be heard on ‘Consumido por la Rabia’ or ‘Sufriendo’, but don’t worry if you don’t fancy breakdowns, as they’re not the pillars upon which the music is built. The thrashy nature of the music is on par with most of the groovier sections of it and there’s a nice equilibrium between them.

There’s not much to say about this little EP anyway, which has only four songs that barely reach 20 minutes of playtime, but that doesn’t mean that there’s little going on here. Undermine have a knack for writing songs that are always bringing up new riffs, and I think that they should use that as an advantage. If this little boy is already a riffing fest, I seriously would like to hear what a full length coming from these guys would sound like. An interesting band with a quite particular sound that will definitely be worth your time.