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It has one kickass track...the rest is really bad - 35%

Estigia666, February 12th, 2003

The track i'm talking about is the first. "I Demand Revenge" is a total death metal classic, it makes you wanna headbang at 230 mph. Brutal and thrashy at the same time, no riff is unremarkable or unworthy to be memorable. This song devastates, crushes all in its path with the rage of an unleashed demon. This track alone's worth the price of the CD.

Easily, this album can be dissected into the following elements: really low, growly, "cookie monster" type vocals; technical rhythm guitars; leads that are not so remarkable, some of them really shred, though; muscular, also technical drumming; the bass does not exists. There.

The songs that come after "I Demand Revenge" fail to impact as much as the aforementioned. Reason is the lacky songwriting, sometimes they don't follow a given direction, merely pasting riffs all together without focusing in the "impact" they may have on the listener. The riffs themselves are also made to sound too technical with little emphasis on the punch. However, there are a few moments worth mentioning: the 2:07 spot in "Wake up from your Dreams", killer riff going on there; the 2:50 in "Empire of Orgies", another great riff. Whatever good part they may throw in, however, lasts for very few seconds, before they start getting "flashy" again. Besides, the cheese factor of the lyrics is overwhelming. Just think every cliché from every brutal death metal band and you may have an idea on the approach of this guys' lyrics.

Overall: one outstanding track, the rest is pure stereotyped brutal death metal with no sense of direction. Some of it seriously sucks. Plus, the production is too damn polished, the drums sound too cleaned up with no punch at all. I bet they can do much better. They are not trying hard enough, though.