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It's death metal and it's good - 77%

MutantClannfear, June 28th, 2013

I got this demo for free from Sevared Records years ago, at which point I didn't really know diddly-squat about the band, but looking at it in retrospect I probably would have paid actual money for it. For a three-song demo, it demonstrates a notable amount of polish.

Undecayed are from Sweden, and it definitely shows in their music: even if the songs are partially brutal death metal-tinged, you can easily tell that the band take influences from bands like Dismember and Entombed. The guitar tone is about as blatantly buzzsaw-ish as you can possibly get, for one, and a lot of the riffing is distinctly Swedish with only the hints of old-school BDM in the riffs to dilute that. Undecayed's riffs usually feature a lot of contrast between lower strings and higher strings, with the clearer and less unintelligible melodies helping to imply what the deeper melodies were in retrospect. Not really the most original style of riffing in the world, but it's executed pretty solidly regardless. The vocals are more traditionally-based as well - no gurgles or pig squeals here, just classic, deep old-school pitbull death growls with an imposing gravelly tone about them. There are backing shrieks which pop up in a couple of places, but sadly they usually sound kind of whiny, like an elven toddler who really wants his parents to serve dessert.

But even despite its riffs, the music can get surprisingly chunky (see the opening riff of "Reaping Eternal Death") and the band are good at pulling off relatively straightforward BDM grooves as well. "Death Spares None" has a particularly cool and catchy main riff that shows this off well enough. Most of it's not very blatant, though - I think this is one of those releases where the BDM influence can only be detected once you listen to the music and take note of how primitive and heavy it is.

There... really isn't much to say about The Triumph of Death, is there? I dunno, I guess there just really isn't much substance to a rather straightforward, riffy death metal band who released a 10-minute demo without any particularly glaring flaws. The production is really good for a demo as it sounds professionally recorded and mixed, and the only noticeable downside to the release that I could really point out, besides the shrieks, is that the the drum performance sometimes feels like it's a bit too sloppy for the faster, blastier sections of the music. That aside, this is a solid and fun, if rather unremarkable first release and I have high hopes for a full-length from these guys.